I like to keep a second record of things, just in case something happens to the first. I’m more comfortable when my documents are saved on both my laptop and the family PC, and if I’ve written something down that’s worth remembering, I like to type it up. Important files are sent to myself through email so I can access them anywhere, and anything I can’t be bothered putting onto paper goes on my space.

Likewise, I’m also mildly amused at my own paranoia. Safety is an illusion. A weak piece of ceiling might break off from the roof and hit you in such a way you become paralysed for life. Your chair could break and you’d fracture a leg. A man could come charging into your house and shoot everyone for no discernable reason. It’s an open possibility. So just in case something happens to me, unlikely but possible, I’m concerned that I won’t get to say goodbye to certain people. That things I’ve planned will never come to pass. That people will get the wrong impression about who I really am. So, in case of my death, I give whoever reads this permission to break open my locked drawer. For everything else, ask Ivy. She knows me best.


One thought on “Copies

  1. Ivy says:

    Aw, gosh, I’m touched. Life is unpredictable indeed. Whoever expected me to have a nasty fall two hours before the major exam I’ve been preparing my ass off for, thereby impairing my writing abilities and wasting all my effort and pretty eyes?
    Ha, life is evil, but sweet.

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