What is the price of a dream? Think about each of the following questions long and hard before moving on.

Is there anything you would devote your life to? Is there something you want to be? Something you live for, something you dream of? How much would you give to get it?

I’ve often prayed at night that I would find something worth dying for. Jesus acquiesced to being tortured and crucified. He believed in something. Do you?


EDIT: Yes, I know it’s better to find something worth living for than dying for, but that’s the beauty of it. Finding something worth dying for is finding something worthy of living for, and more.


3 thoughts on “Thoumadw

  1. anya_going_down_drugs/sex/weight says:

    there are only 2 things i would ever die for my boyfriend and myself.i love my boyfriend but i find it hard to live for him… the opposite of death.i would die forself though out of spiet,because purely of what i loathe about myself. its actually kind of hard to find something to stay alive for.LOL what about u?

  2. anya_going_down_drugs/sex/weight says:

    BTW C is average,B is above average A is high standard. and yes i LoVE the tristan and isolde movie it one of the best and i LOVE THE MOVIE.

  3. Solomon says:

    Agreed. Rather than finding something worth dying for, it’s far better to find something worth living for.
    Like magic. And food. And little joyous surprises. And traces of heaven.

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