Christian Service

I have a new fetish. And before you freak, realise that fetish does not relate to sexual gratification alone, though in my case…
You know those watches with the metal disk around the face? It says 15, 30, 45, 60 at the compass points. You can twist that with some watches, and it makes a little tick tick tick with every degree you rotate it. That has to be one of the most sensational feelings of my life. Jack’s watch can be manipulated in such a way, as can Mark Luca’s. I seize every opportunity I can to abuse it. As soon as I see the watch, the temptation builds until it’s a maddened frenzy. When I give in to temptation, the relief is, in Jack’s words, "orgasmic". Mouth drops open, breathes a held breath, closes eyes.
Who needs sex when you have a mechanical watch?
Every Trinity guy (and apparently Mercedes girl) has to do four days of Christian Service at the end of Term 1, leading up to the Easter break. That’s just going out to the community, finding a centre or school that could use a hand, and doing the Christian thing by helping them. Of course, being compulsary, there’s not much say in the matter, except where you want to be put. Unfortunately, my three possible selections were all taken, so Mrs Stewart (Stuart??) allocated me to Carson Street School – a school for the mentally disabled.
The kids there are really sweet. On Monday, we went to the zoo as an incursion. Yesterday, we were at Belmay Primary School for the day, to sort of half-include the kids into mainstream education. Today, we had an incursion, and a guy brought in a swamp of animals. Llamas are absolutely adorable- I fed it three carrots. They can really manouver their necks. There were two dogs with one blue eye, each, born without tails. Beautiful, beautiful creatures. I gave them both extensive belly rubs, and they whined and pined at me when I stopped. I also met a bird born without a beak. That was a sight, let me tell you. It just sort of mushes its face in food and eats its fill.
Anyway, moving back to the kids. Tomorrow’s my last day, and I’ve really, really grown to love them so much. They have such unique traits, skills and abilities, only marred by their disabilities elsewhere.
Jaiden  (Jay-den) is really, really good with puzzles. Better than I am, anyway. He’s 7, and he does 100 piece puzzles for leisure. He’s got wicked hair and is an overall really cool guy. (Jaiden’s an uber cool name, by the way.)
Dario (Mario, with a D) has an outstanding memory. He has uncanny leadership skills, and can tell you the full name of every animal in the zoo by sight alone. Unfortunately, he lives in Dario-land, where his whole universe is based around him. He always fights to be the first in everything, but he has manners when he wants to.
Shannon clings to my hand as often and long as she can. She’s a beautiful girl (with gorgeous hair), but tags behind everyone else with about a half minute lag. She has a little bit of trouble not pretending she’s a butterfly, and she takes a good 10 minutes longer to finish a sandwhich than anyone else, but she’s a wonderful girl.
Elaine is very special too. She can’t hear well, (though she has a hearing aid), so her speech is somewhat impaired. Now that I think about it, none of them can speak very sensicly, except for Dario. She’s quite heavily overweight, but she’s always smiling and looking out for everyone else.
Tekafa can’t hear very well either. Resultantly, his speech is slurred. He’s a pretty big attention seeker, too. 4/5 of his sentences start with "Hey, look!" He just likes being recognised for things. He’s good friends with
Soleh (rhymes with olay!). Soleh has down syndrome to a reasonable extent, but he’s a pretty snazzy dude! Quite tall, always grinning in a goofy way, and very happy to make people laugh. I saw a picture of him on the wall from six years ago. Dario and Shannon have been here for five.
Mirza (Mur-zer) is more heavily effected by down syndrome. He’s short, definitely obesed, and always laughing. I think he’s Vietnamese, too. I love him. He’s adorable, and is such a gentle creature. He’s, surprisingly, the best at sports of the group. Elaine takes a big liking to both he, and Soleh.
Johnno is pretty cool, too! He’s also good at sports and swimming. He’s probably the best behaved. Reminds me of me, truth be told. He’s also gifted at literature. Most of the kids have trouble writing their names, but Johnno can  write sentences.

They’re all aged 6-11, by the way. They really are very special kids, that you come to love without question. And not your "spastic retard" special, either. They really are very precious. Each with their own abilities, in contrast to their disabilities. From the first day, I couldn’t help but wonder where they would end up in 10 years from now. What kind of people they would be. It’s sad to think that none of them really have a future, since the government sort of, you know, took out the handicapped programs in the workforce. So says Mrs Davies, their teacher, anyway. I’d really like to see how they end up. I’d like to visit them again in a while, but in my heart, I know it’s a promise I won’t keep.

I will miss them, though. On the plus side, they’ll forget me as soon as the holidays come. I consider that a good thing. *sigh*

Somebody’s finally thought of the children, eh Mrs Lovejoy?

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