Slatterns and Samurais

Debating last night went very well! Man, our team was fantastic. Strong arguement, good matter, fantastic manner, the work.

Unfortunately, the adjudicator disagreed. We lost by 2 points, but Mr Redden pointed out about 7 or so different reasons why we should have won. His word is final though, so hey, maybe next time we’ll get someone of more sagacious, not prudent. Meanwhile, there are three speakers per team, yes? The negative team was compiled of girls. Alex, Sorti and Lizzie.

Except Alex wasn’t a girl. Hop damn! I had no idea, at all. I only found out today. He had long hair that was practically shoulder length, looked effeminate, and had boobs! Seriously, he had distinguishable breasts. As Mr Redden put it,
"He may have been homosexual, had a bit of an effeminate thing going on. Fair dinkum. But drop us some signs! I spent the whole evening trying to see if he had an adam’s apple."


Secondly, my swordplay scares Eugene. Patrick, I am good. I say that without modesty, because I’m just awed by how cool it is to finally have actual swords, and better yet, be able to co-ordinate them to slash/stab someone roughly four times before they hit the ground.

Eugene took my katana to admire it. I had already drawn Wak, and so when he held Kat in fighting stance (just to feel cool, as we all would), I playfully attacked him. He freaked out and made a desperate attempt to dodge the blade, though Kat is twice as long as the wakazashi. So yeah, when I pointed that out, he took the offensive, and I had a slight bit of trouble keeping my head on. So with Tat, I went double blade.

Our duel progressed to the livingroom where we had more space, and were fighting in slow motion so as not to break anything. Too easy. He couldn’t touch me, even when he sped up. At full pace, I scared him by forcing him into a corner and completely slaughtering his sorry ass. We switched between the katana and the two smaller blades respectively, and I scared him with both. I’m very pleased with myself.

All I need is a partner who can actually fight back. Unfortunately, Eugene left a small indent in Wak’s blade, and there’s now a small scratch on Kat, but I’ll just avoid duelling so clumsily in the future. Ooo I should stop fantasizing about taking on the Trenchcoat Cult during human biology tests, but I can’t help but feel invincible with a weapon at hand.


4 thoughts on “Slatterns and Samurais

  1. Georgie says:

    Could you be anymore thick minded! Just face it john, they won because they were better. A good debater accepts his loss instead of arguing it and tries to learn from it you all people should know that.

  2. Solomon says:

    Wakizashi. Wakazashi is a common misname, about 39 thousand clicks on google. Wakizashi has 455K clicks. Wakizashi means ‘sidearm’ in Japanese, and makes more sense. It is used whenever a katana is unavailable.

    "The wakizashi was also used to perform seppuku, the ritual suicide of a member of the warrior class who felt he or she was living with great shame"
    Try searching for Jitte (or Jutte, but Jitte sounds better). Those are a lot cooler than either katana or wakizashi. Used mainly by policemen to disarm bad guys and break katanas off at the hilt.

  3. Beth says:

    We horribly horribly lost our debate however the opposite team had 2 cute guys on it so that totally made up for the loss.

  4. Ivy says:

    I could fight with you if I had my Chinese sword.
    Long live Chinese!! (x

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