Samurai Novelties

Today when I walked into Economics, Brendan Morphett was pinned to his desk by Matt Beor, holding him in a chicken wing.
"Who’s the best?" I managed to hear.
"I am!" yelled Blake defiantly, crying somewhat loudly in pain.
"Back off him," I said, stepping forward and throwing Matt off with one arm. (I don’t think he resisted very hard.)

That is very possibly the most courageous thing I have seen from my year group so far. Being at someone else’s mercy and still impugning them. Good on you Brendan- I’m impressed by your bravery, and/or stupidity.


NOW! The game gets interesting.

I officially declare myself a samurai. See those swords there? Their names are Kat, Wak and Tan. (Katana, Wakazashi and Tanto.) They’re my new best friends. Sorry mortal Earthlings, you’ve been replaced. They’re this year’s birthday present, 7 months and a day early.

I unpacked them, reverently set them upon their stand, then cleaned the blades a little. I set them on my shelf, then left the room to have a cold shower. When I came back, I peaked around my doorway slowly and my face lit when I realised that I actually had them. Tangible, palpable, carnated samurai swords. I have dreamed of this day for… Perhaps four years. And I never thought it would happen, but my God. I know how selfish it was of me- that money could have gone to better uses, like feeding the poor and starving… But this is the one act of gluttony I must indulge in, for want of sanity.

I have practiced with imaginery swords, with hockey sticks, with various make-shift weapons, but there have only been two times in my life when I have used a real sword.
1. Solomon’s house, in Singapore. I literally could not resist using his ornate katana. That was gratifying.
2. Ivy’s house, in the early mornings or late nights. I used to practice different styles of attacks and defends with her Chinese sword, bought (coincidentally enough) in China.

I now have my own weapons of potential mass destruction. True, they’re not sharp, but that’s probably a good thing with my level of skill. The very, very most I’ll do is scratch myself if I am extremely careless. I’d more likely get a bruise. No training tonight- debating in a few hours and many a test to study for, but heavens above… I feel as if I’ve completed some part of my life that I’ve always wanted to have. I feel so much more whole as an individual person. *grins* These swords are to be put to good use. Believe you me.

~Xin-san; samurai-to-be.

EDIT: Remember what I said about not having time to practice with them tonight? Scrub that. I couldn’t resist. I’ll just say this.

If I were ever to have a sword duel with someone, and I had my katana and Wakazashi, I would absolutely decimate them. Absolutely fucking decimate them.
(And yes, I know Georgie. But I’ve declared myself one anyway.)


DOUBLE EDIT: Changed the second picture. I was imitating Zolo, from one piece. Twin katanas with a third in his mouth for defence.


2 thoughts on “Samurai Novelties

  1. Georgie says:

    just because you own swords it doesnt make you a samurai

  2. Pat. says:

    An item is loved and cherished more when you make it yourself. That’s why im making my own sword.
    And youll know what it looks like already.
    Cheers out!

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