Loving Life

Façade: An artificial or deceptive front; a mask.

Self-conscious: Excessively conscious of one’s appearance or
manner; ill at ease.

Cosmetic: A preparation, such as powder or a skin cream,
designed to beautify the body by direct application.


See something wrong here?


Cosmetics enhance the beauty of a person. They do not create


Is it really necessary for the cosmetic industry to pump 99%
of teenaged girls full of the idea that they need to wear make-up to look
pretty? No, of course not. No one wears make-up- everyone is pretty. Everyone
wears make-up, everyone is pretty. The standard is just raised, but
essentially, there’s no difference except for the subtle (or not-so-subtle)
highlights that bring out a girl’s physical beauty.


Example. On the river cruise, I didn’t particularly notice
any real difference in my friend’s. Aye, I could tell they wore extra make-up
(and yes, they did look spectacular for it- particularly Elinor’s shimmering
skin), but the differences were so subtle because I had always seen them
wearing make-up or dressing up nicely. There’s nothing to contrast it with.


What happened to “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” I
daresay the media took a step in and decided it was more intent on practically
forcing girls (through peer pressure) into buying cosmetics so they could feel
good. So they can feel confident about their appearances. So that guy they like
might notice them, or so you might blend in you’re your friends.


But who’s going to notice the banal?


Friends, I say this. Your true colours are more fervent than
any facial cream, or cherry lipstick, or mass of eyeliner could capture. Don’t
smother them with superficial coverings. Realise that you are beautiful. That
you’re more likely to be noticed (albeit, not respected) for being individual.
Be yourself- don’t be a doll.


Note to Georgie: The only reason I wear gel is because it
annoys Patrick, and a small percentage of my literature class make some
horrendous comment on my “frullet”, as they’ve termed it. If I don’t feel like it,
I don’t bother. I’ve realised nobody really cares if I do, so why should they
if I don’t?


You know what? While I’m on it, what the hell is it
with girls thinking that because they’re overweight, they’re ugly? Can anybody see logical reasoning in why a
guy would consider an overweight girl unattractive? Media influence, is my only
answer. The media says that all girls have to be supermodels, or they won’t be
popular. Guys have realised this isn’t going to be a realistic goal for most
girls, and are fine with them being average or slightly under-average for
weight. But that’s the only reason.


I love all people in this world, or I certainly try to.
Specifically, I love the needy. Those that are forgotten, repressed, saddened
or hurt. Those that suffer silently. They don’t often receive the love they
need to develop to their full potential as a human being. I try my best to
provide them with at least a little of it.


“Loners” – introverts who only enter serious relationships,
and no one at school really matches up with them. They’re my main target. But
really? I am very consciously aware that there is beauty in everyone, and I do
not hesitate looking over their imperfections, the marks that they are human
like the rest of us, to see the person inside.


Stop closing your hearts. Learn to love, and everything
becomes so much easier.


4 thoughts on “Loving Life

  1. Georgie says:

    uumm john i dont think you should delve into what is unknown to you certainly you are right on many accounts but makeup doesnt just enhance peoples look it can also bring out ones looks for example someone might green eyeshadow and they have green eyes it may draw attention tot he eye not just enhancement also i for examply do not wear too much make up i dont wear eyeliner or mascarra or rouge only when required i wear lipgloss but mostly for moisture

  2. Ivy says:

    Mmmf, once upon a time, I told you my views on beauty. But nowadays… haiz, my views are getting more and more warped with a certain boy constantly cajoling my reflection.
    I don’t put make up all the time. It spoils my skin. But admit it, I look much more attractive with make-up, so do alot of people. Therefore, I like make-up. It makes me feel better about myself, but it’s important to note I don’t feel awful without it. It’s just like chocolate boosts endorphins. There’s really no harm unless you get addicted. So don’t diss my cherry lipstick. You know it tastes nice. By that, I mean I put it on for myself to taste, of course. :P
    It’s typical to look at the appearance, because the outside is what you see first. Very few people follow through, lesser shine from the inside. Girls on the other hand, are naturally vain. Just like how guys all want to be strong and cool and crap, girls aim for beauty. Unrealistic or not, we do set a standard on ourself. Which woman isn’t vain? Even Mother Nature prides herself.
    I agree with Mai. Don’t delve into make-up. It’s not as superficial as you think. It’s not like we girls try and understand why guys have a mighty obsession to hind behind guns.
    Ah. It’s not my fault I’m the most beautiful of all. (x

  3. Pat. says:

    Liar! Gel does NOT annoy me! You’ve taken me out of context again, I see.
    Lol. Frullet=funnie.

  4. John says:

    Trust Georgie to be the expert on make-up.Forgive me. My source is third hand.

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