River Cruise

The River Cruise. What’s there to say about it? I enjoyed it, I can say that much at least. Despite the fact there was loud and (to me,) unruly music (gah! My Humps! What a way to end the night), I had to fend off less invitations to dance than I thought. Drinks were a ripoff, and I got a fair few comments on my suit, ranging from "Sharpest guy on the boat" to "Nice suit mate. Looking sexy. Take off those glasses and you can definitely pick up."

Surprisingly enough, I saw Andy and Ben there- they speak uninflectedly without exception (that means, basically, monotone). I noticed, anti-social as they are, towards the end of the night they actually ended up surrounded by girls. Jacob Fawcett (sp?) was there too- he’s a right prick he is, but he was too surprised to see me to do much. He winked at me when he had his arm around a girl, and for a moment, believed in his scepticism that I may have been running the cruise. I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, to see Louis there too. He’s a new guy at the school, in about half of my classes. He gets on with girls and social life, while doing well at academics.

Moving onto the girls themselves, there really was some extravagance. Then again, there were a fair few, (and forgive me for saying, for want of a better term), skanks there too. I actually saw someone pole dancing, but by the time I got my camera out they had stopped. Darn, eh? It is, sadly, without doubt Georgie that was dressed the best. Loved the hair, killer nails (The Claw, in the pictures), nice dress and all. Lozareth herself looked stunning in hot pink, which I thought was very courageous, and Elinor had scintillating (sparkly) skin. Intrigued, I couldn’t help but stare at her neckline slightly longer than was appropriate. I met a few new faces, of whom the names escape me.

Water Baby (Mandy?) reminds me of Willow- big bright eyes, ready to get in your face and very much unique in her own quiet splendour. Jessica is ditzy. There is no other way to describe her. Anyways, I’ll stop chewing up your time now. Photos have been uploaded to the album- my favourite of which I can modestly say is, "Can o’ Whoopass".

Peace out.


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