Paradise… Found

A reply to the poem, "Paradise… Lost" by Willow.


Humanity’s blunder,
Is that they’ll never know.
What damage they’ve done,
How they were too slow.
How UV rays,
That heavenly light,
Is bringing them closer to eternal night.

He stabs him,
He stabs back.
And they keep on stabbing
Until one of them cracks.

Children are taught the art of death;
They fight for life til their very last breath.
Someone trips, and they’re suddenly piled.
These are the lessons they teach to a child.

They talk of strength, of honour, of glory, of pride;
And they talk of the punishments,
If you do not abide.
Mediocrity is law- break it and pay,
The price for having your own say.

We are born,
                      We live,
                                     We die.

The first and the last, we cannot change,
But the middle is always within our range.

Societies of hate, of rage, and pain,
Can be brought to their knees by the bane
Of your Defiance.

Why conform to the suffering?
Why do you let yourself hurt?
Struggle against the compliance,
Challenge, question, be curt.

In each individual, there is a glimmer of light;
A tower of strength, a castle of might.
The choice to surrender, their untenable fort,
Is so often made, it should be nought.

But not you, oh no.
Don’t you dare.
Don’t give in,
Blaze your flare.

What should not be given cannot be taken.
The foundations of identity can only be shaken.
Who you are is who you will be-
It’s up to you to decide to be free.

=For Willow=



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