Whoa. That was the most incredible sensation.
I stood up, stretched, took two steps and was hit by a wave of dizziness. I dropped immediately to my knees, unable to stand, then I fell to my side, unable to kneel. Then I sat up and blinked curiously.
Anyone with an idea of what just happened?
Meanwhile, I’m at home again. Won’t go into details why, but I desperately need this time to prevent me from failing three different tests. Breaking my internet barrier, I know, but I didn’t really get to go on last night so I guess that’s my excuse. I’ve spent the morning writing stories, and I’ll get off now as soon as I can to start my work. River cruise tomorrow night, won’t be online for then, either.
One interesting point. It happened I think on Tuesday, when we were doing our oral presentations. My group and I were standing at the front of the classroom, ready to go. Mr Watson (Literature teacher) left the room briefly and told Nick to keep everyone under control. They burst into unrestrained conversation as soon as Watto was down the corridor.

"All right fellas, settle down," Nick said meekly holding his arms up. I doubt anyone even saw the repressive gesture. I put a hand on his shoulder with a smile and said,

"I’ll handle it."
"SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES!" I screamed at the very peak of my voice. The class was nullified. I saw a few mouths open, and every single eye on the room was trained on me. There was complete and total silence. After a moment, Binuk said,

I do admit that I enjoyed that thoroughly. I have always, always wanted to shut up an entire classroom by screaming at the top of my lungs, and I finally had the opportunity to do it. I didn’t think I ever would, but I profoundly enjoyed the effects. A cry for attention? Possibly. Attention received? Most definitely. Satisfaction of having the means meet the end?



3 thoughts on “Blip!

  1. Beth says:

    thats not the first time u shut up a group of people though, is it yoshi??? *evil laugh*

  2. Matthew says:

    Likely cause: inconsistent blood flow to the head. When you stood up, either the blood drained out of your capilliaries, or blood rushed up from the lower body into the brain. Both cause a loss of balance and temporary blindness. I am more susceptible to the blood rush, unsure why.Not that the difference will allow you to treat it that much more effectively.My regards to thee.

  3. anya_going_down_drugs/sex/weight says:

    LOL….u remind me of an evil priest…LOL i know ur probably saying what?…WHAT THE FUCK…but i say this because im assuming ur like the quiet type, uno like the quiet senitive one who everyone adores who has a habit of repressing and then one day BOOM you explode in to a full,blown,unbreakable,unstoppable,psycho killer priest…LOL…hey i think u left a comment on my space a while ago. Add me on msn when u get this please k or just send an email or check out my space. anya’s contacts at or her space at and hey leave a comment please.

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