Mac Daddying

Dear readers,

It is a cold, miserable, and gloomy day. The sky is overcast with ominous stormclouds, and yet, I happen to be wearing sunglasses. Now in the pacifying light of the trains, I can scarecely see at all. Why, you ask? Because I’m an idiot, and I’m publicising it.

Apparently I have damaged retinas that are now ultra-sensitive to light. Or was it prescription glasses that I need to be able to see properly? Something to do with these mysterious "transition lenses" I keep being asked about. Realistically, this pair of glasses skidded across the senior block corridor, and no one picked them up. So I did.

Class by class, I received varying reactions. The most interesting thing is, the majority of people who asked me about my new shades believed I needed them visually. What was funniest was the reactions of the teachers. One of them I was passing on the stairwell actually stopped, and his mouth opened a little as he stared at me. I couldn’t help but smile at that.

Shacko (chem): Is there any particular reason you’re wearing those, John?
"Not particularly, no," I answered, removing them. The class gaped, as I hadn’t taken them off all day.
"Just trying to look cool are you?"
"Oh, I don’t need to try."
SW (H. Bio): "Take those off!"
"Yes miss."
Emmanuel: "John, I know the fluorescent lights are harsh, but lose the sunnies mate."
"But I need them…"

Mr Watson, of English, was the only one that didn’t ask me about them. Good on him- he’s the one teacher I know appreciates some level of individualism. At any rate, I have something of a headache now, but half the people who made comment said that they look cool, and that’s what counts, right?

~Mac Daddy Marshall


2 thoughts on “Mac Daddying

  1. Pat. says:

    Indoobatley old chum. Then again, posting in a blog several days old isnt  that cool, belie-

  2. Pat. says:

    Damn you lousy relaod! Phillip, do me a favour and delete my over posting, will you?

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