Dear readers,
It’s now midday of Sunday. If there was anything in the world I could ask for, it would be tranquility. I, being foolish as I am, have done absolutely NO WORK this weekend. Admittedly, I don’t have a lot. There’s plenty I can do, but only a few things I need to. Namely, my debating speech and my piano.
I think Eugene is going to force me to play the keyboard at church tonight. I feel as if I’ve been shoved in the back, and someone’s making me drive a car for the first time, giving me the basic knowledge of how to turn it on and get it moving. I’m going to crash into something sooner or later.
At 2pm, chorale rehearsal begins. Three hours later, it ends, and I go straight to church to start practicing, with about 40 minutes to spare before the mass starts. Then, I get home at about 7:20-7:45 (depending on how long we dawdle) so I can finish off my intro calc and get some shuteye.
I have no regrets spending the largest part of my yesterday shopping with Lauren, Liam, Patrick, Georgie, and a various assortment of other St Brigids girls. I do no regret waking up at 5am to attend a war on RuneScape. I do regret spending spending four hours after I got home from the city, and five hours after the war ended, not using my time productively. Same goes to the six hours that comprised my Friday night.
I’m going to get this done though, because that’s what I do. I’m going to get off the computer, as soon as I’ve sent an to Amnesty International, and start my work. I feel lonely. Irrational, but true. I will learn to live life as it is, no matter what the circumstances. Nobody likes a whinger. And I’m whinging. *sigh* Getting off.
"The greatest life you can ever live is one without regrets."

One thought on “Regret

  1. Beth says:

    ER U LIAR!!! you said you were the only guy to go into the city.

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