“Holding On”

For Willow.
Why let go when you can hold on?
What good do you gain from falling?
The pain when you hit the bottom,
And the knowledge you weren’t strong enough.
But you are. It takes more than a blow to fell a tree,
Least of all the Amazonian resident.
The more you have seen darkness,
The brighter the light will seem.
Hold fast and take refuge,
For when have you known a storm to show mercy?
And yet, the sun still shines behind the rain clouds.
A man named Christ bled and died for his beliefs,
And millenia later, we remember him.
He gained nothing in perdition,
But he gave light to others, and he was not forgotten.
People kill for leaders they’ve never met.
They die because they’re told to.
Nothing is ever hopeless until you give up hope.
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
The darker it is, the more there are.
So steel yourself against the pain,
It passes over time.
There are few things more values than a friend,
But I promise you’ll always be mine.

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