Early Bird gets shot first

It is now 4:53AM. My legs are cramped with that early morning ache, the sort I can’t explain where they don’t hurt, but they feel as if they’re permeating a sort of pain or uncomfort that I can’t entirely feel at the moment but definitely exists. I have a wretched cold, sneezing every few seconds (or at least, until I reluctantly gave up my labcoat and scarf and turned to a hooded jacket), and I’m having trouble concentrating at all. I’m hungry, my eyes are sore, my water feels slightly toxic because of my absurdly pathetic condition. Damn man.
Here’s what I have to do. Pardon me, I don’t have to do anything. Here’s what I should do to avoid strife from my teachers today.
-Economics booklet, studying the Elasticity of Demand.
-Intro Calc, Few pages of questions. Grrr!
-Religion, just a few questions. No one takes Religion seriously anyway. Sadly so.
-English, write a one page essay on a poem. It took Dylan Misso, Greg Stockton and I four hours to come up with half a page on Saturday. I can safely say that none of us are any good at groupwork.
-Debating, write a practice speech. That means researching war crimes and the moral and practical arguement of punishing them.
-Piano. I didn’t practice all weekend. [Expletive deleted].
Oh great. Now my nose is making some horrible little squeaking noise, like someone’s in there scrubbing at the cartlidge with a squeegie thing. I don’t know if I can do it.
I hate Mondays.

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