You’re Who I Need

~You’re who I need~
I think we both know – You’re who I need.
You admit – you saw her, you’re nothing alike.
You’re everything she’s not.
Nobody’s perfect, but you are to me.
Once you were hidden,
Now you are found.
Wonder no more.
It’s scary to put a face to a name.
Breathe easy now, for
She could never be mine.

4 thoughts on “You’re Who I Need

  1. david says:

    You can safly call me "Nobody"

  2. John says:

    Oh David baby, I need you so much. Come run away with me and we can make sweet, tender love on the beaches of Hawaii, and drink from coconuts and empty sea shells.

  3. Solomon says:

    Hello. A long time ago you said I couldn’t post comments on your blog. But I hope the embargo is lifted. I’m just having severe problems with the story up there. Gender confusion. Is the poet persona male or female? Is the one being addressed male or female? Is david male or female?

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