"Just because you don’t see the logic in something doesn’t mean it’s not there."



"My stupidity is my brilliance and my brilliance is my stupidity," I explained to Stephen. He stared at me. "You don’t see the logic in it, but I do!" I declared honestly.

"You idiot."




I’m just so darn good. The Scissors-Paper-Rock champion of the universe- that’s me.  Lord Jackemus challenged that title one recess when the topic of our old Scissors Paper Rock tournaments from Year 8 came up. They were surprisingly popular at lunchtimes, and Jack and I started it. For old time’s sake, and because Jack was confident in his abilities, we gave it another whirl. Laughing, we got to our feet, faced each other and raised our fists.


1, 2, 3, GO!


Rock meets rock. For a moment, we stared, then laughed. Withdrawing our hands, we stopped for a moment to breathe and restrategise. A slow half minute later,
"All right. Ready."


1, 2, 3, GO!


Rock meets rock. I couldn’t hold back my mirth. Jack, like myself, was using a technique known as "Rock slide"- three consecutive rocks. He, like me, was a serious player and knew his stuff. People think it’s based on luck, but it’s a vicious game of icy strategy and unerring psychology. Only the stronger of the two minds can win. We tried again.


Scissors meets scissors. Another draw. Jack was good, I’ll give him that. Elite, I would go as far to say. The attack surprised the both of us, and I recoiled. He composed himself and replenished his strength with a few more bites of fruit salad.
"Ready," he said, steeling his nerves.


1, 2, 3, GO!


Bam! Rock shattered his ignoble scissors. He had been defeated, but Lord Jackemus is not one to give up. On and on through recess we duelled, and on and on we tied, until at last the bell summoned us to class. It was not enough to save my lord.


We took fighting stances, he shoved a few meatballs (protein) down his mouth and shook himself off, ready for the final showdown. Meeting eyes, we challenged one another silently through an unspoken message, and there I saw uncertainty. I took advantage of the opening.


One, two, three, GO!


Paper’s yield ensnared the stone, and once more I claimed victory. Jack howled in frustration. He had lost any hope of beating me now that I had mastered his strategy and he was in an interminable losing-streak. He retreated sullenly to his locker.


Xin: The Legendary Scissor-Paper-Rock Champion of the World.


Convivially, I mentioned this to Marc Luca as I got my books for the next periods. Oh how genial I was! Undefeated for years. I offered Marc a game to test my abilities. Now, I knew that Marc was smart. He wasn’t as experienced in the psychology of the game as Jack or I, but he was knowledgeable in the technical side involved.

-Scissor, paper, rock!

A draw. The precision of the scissors was paralleled, and so we tried again.

"On your guard!"


Paper this time. Flimsy, weak. I conquered. Again, he challenged, and I was not to refuse.


Scissors, paper, rock!

A solid heart of stone, and yet… The paper… Rock was overcome by the unlikeliest of foes. I gaped. Mark grinned.

"YES!" I screamed, releashing his fist and jumping in the air. Inexorable! He conceded laughing, and I smiled to myself.


Xin. Champion of the World.


2 thoughts on “Champion

  1. Silaithwein says:

    You do realise that this only tempts me to declare that I will beat you in rock paper scissors?
    I shall!
    (You deserve this, for beating me in Solitaire!)
    As well as a staring contest.
    Bring it on Xin, bring it on.

  2. Ivy says:

    Hee, do you know they’re having a scissors paper stone competition in Singapore? And $3000 cash too. You should listen to their advertisements. Lol.

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