The thing about me is, I’m so painfully unique in everything I do that it’s impossible for me to be like anyone else.

Example 1.
Suliman taps me on the back and points his finger over my shoulder. Rather than turning around to look at him and get a finger in the eye, I kick back and balance my chair on two legs to look at him upside down. He complains.

Example 2.
I balance on trains, or if I’m tired, sit cross-legged on the floor. If there’s an available seat, then I’ll see if there’s anyone other than the usual "I’m too shy to take that seat which someone else might want" passengers, before occupying it myself reluctantly.

Example 3.
Nobody smiles these days! I try and smile at as many people as I can because it’s both an inexpensive way to improve your looks, and it’s contagious, so someone might smile back at you. Spread the love people!

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I cannot compare myself to single person because there is no single person more than remotely related to me. It makes it difficult for me to make metaphorical copies of myself for reasons not mentioned here.

All the same, I hunger. I need someone to give me my own advice, because I never heed it myself. A skill I will develop in time.

5 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Pat. says:

    Suliman’s name is spelt like that? cool!

  2. Silaithwein says:

    Have you ever heard the saying – Be yourself for no one will do it for you?
    Or – You are unique…. Just like everybody else.

  3. John says:

    Yes. He’s from Afghanistan, and has a leather wallet. I have an obssession with leather wallets, for reasons unbeknownst.
    In response to Alura Liquid, good advice. Unfortunately, most people have a considerable amount of similarities that I don’t share. I’m just a little too different to be compared to anyone I know.

  4. david says:

    What about the saying… -In order for one to be irreplacable, one must be different.
    A personal fav of mine =)

  5. Georgie says:

    Whatever, people with no originality and people who copy everyone else are stupid and annoying dah vintage is always in so it shouldnt matter! people just don’t have a deep enough understanding of fashion these days unlike me

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