I feel like updating. I feel a part of me is not complete until I write something in this web diary. Hence, this update.
Tomorrow we’ll be going to the zoo for human biology to study primates and monkeys. Prosimians, Anthropoidians and Tarsiers, little monkeys about 3 inches tall that are classified as a species on their own. Humans are anthropoids, in case you were wondering, though you probably weren’t. I’d say Human Bio is the simplest subject to be taken seriously in TEE. A few names to learn, a few classifications, and that’s all there is to it. The rest is just busy-work.
All the same, I’ve been having a resplendid time at school. A few days ago, Thursday, methinks, I realised something. Smiles are contagious. I smile, someone else smiles. Someone else smiles, I smile. Mark smiles, I smile. I smile, Mark smiles. I force chocolate into Mark’s mouth with a smile, he smiles. He pays me back for the umpteen blocks of chocolate I’ve forced him to eat with a kilogram of Cadbury, Plain, Crunchy and Triple Deck. $12 worth of chocolate, out of the blue. I hugged him more than once that day, shamelessly.
That was the greatest day of the school year. In period 2, I found myself lacking anything of particular interest to occupy myself with, and so it was I had a shot at a typing test.
My previous record was an (incredible) 130 Words Per Minute. I remember in Year 8, I wondered if it was an irrational dream to try for over 100. I could scarecely believe when I had gone over and beyond the illusion of two words per second and reached a new high. No longer would I be daunted by the log-in, Set Your Current Typing Goal (limit 120). I had accomplished something. That day, I thought I would give it another go. See how fast I could reach. All my previous attempts were nowhere near the 130 I set last year. I gave it a try anyway in the hopes of getting close.
One-forty. 140 Words Per Minute. Possibly my proudest moment. I did not think my life could ever be sweeter.
Recently, Lord Jackemus and I have also had little sparring bouts. He’d start flinging punches at me and I’d do my best to block or stop them. He would walk forwards at me, and I would walk back and trip over something or someone. I’ve got to avoid that in the future. I can’t really keep up with him, as much as I like to pretend I can. He’s just a legend, but seriously, I think I’m decent at blocking attacks. Moreso than delivering them, at any rate. I have slow reflexes compared to Jack or Christian though. He’s also an incredible athlete and can jump 160 in highjump and about 4m in longjump. Kicks my ass any day. He’s like the epitome of adolescent males.
I have also, once again, found myself buried in a small mound of homework. I spent a large amount of time contemplating whether I should stay home and do it today, but recently I’ve taken a new modus operandi in opposition to my old, "If it doesn’t have to be done, leave it" style. Strangely, now I always like to do things the hard way. I always like to push myself, I always like to suffer that little bit more for reasons I haven’t quite understood. Perhaps I’m masochistic, because I take enormous pleasure in knowing I’m suffering, I’m in pain, and there is a chance I will die at any given moment.
I think that’s what makes my life so sweet. Knowing that I’m going to die one day, and I don’t know when that day will be. I have so much to live for. I know what it’s like to live a good and free life because I do not have the burdens of suffering.
Today I volunteered to sing with the "choir" for the Year 11 mass. The choir consisted of three other people, none of which could sing in pitch. Hence, I was selected by Ms Bott to do the responsorial psalm. I did argue for a while but there was no one of any talent to take my place. I didn’t want Curtis to do it like he did last year. Lol poor bastard, that was… just so damn sad. My heart went out to him, despite the fact he’s an ass now. He can’t sing at all, and it was in front of the whole school I think. All the same, when the mass actually came, I found replacements. Unfortunately, Ms Bott wasn’t aware of this and hissed at me to. Having let my guard down, it knocked me off my feet, and I thought it was quite pitiful. I didn’t lean close enough to the microphone either, but the majority of people think I had a lot of guts to get up there. Pete disagrees and of course, explained in detail how shitty I was.

Side note. I finally learned how to make little paper men that all hold hands. I’m two weeks late though, but hey. It’s the knowledge that counts.

I really must learn to be more succinct in my entries. Ah well. I wrote something, and my chest feels a wee bit lighter now. I’d better overcome my workload soon, before it overcomes me. I leave with a quote.

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

Now excuse me. I’ve been online, unsurprisingly, an hour too long. Yes, I really must learn to make my entries more succinct.
~Link of the Hylians

One thought on “Zing!

  1. Pat. says:

    I can long jump over four metres too. Its the only area of athletics I’m good at.
    Cheers out.

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