RP Xin

This is the template for a character profile I found on Stephanie’s (Lee’s) site. It looked interesting enough, and I thought I’d try. I’m late for school once again, though.

1. Who are you? Xin. Sir Xin, knight. Lord Xin, warrior. Xin-san, friend.

2. What are you? A human boy wishing he was strong enough to be a man. Literally. As in, an adult.
3. Where are you? Wherever I dream, I am. Usually with someone else.
4. What are you like? It depends. Sir Xin, warm, loving, basically your classic hero. Lord Xin, strong, agile, wise, inexorable. Xin-san, well, me.
5. Who are your friends? I’ve befriended so many people. A fair few of which I’ve hurt.
6. Who are you enemies? Anyone who gets in the way of my wrath when I finally snap and try to kill someone.
7. Why are you here? Because each of us are bound to this plane of mortal existence, and alas, too must I wander in search of a way out. I found one in fantasy.
8. What do you want? Peace.


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