Have a Kit Kat.

To replace the old, horrific entry, I thought I would relieve readers with a short story/poem. I haven’t decided yet, and am going to prowl through my documents until I find something I like.
Heavens Eyes



The boy stood, his cloak flicking out behind him as he ducked and dashed, oak wand in hand as the cosmos about him whizzed through the night’s sky.


He paused raising his hand, tilting his wrist and the stars overhead seemed to quiver in their places. He flicked his wrist expertly and they flitted about again to his will.


He stared up at them, his spirit blazing in his eyes, and twirling his wand once more, flicked it towards the sky. A flash of light burst out from the place he had indicated, and flashed and flashed again as his emotion and passion grew.


It was an impromptu dance, an unrehearsed performance. A masterpiece of art and music as the wind carried his song across the sea. He spun around, pointing his wand forward and the wind blew fiercely and the stars all rushed to where he aimed. He swirled them about each other easily, almost casually, and let two collide in a brilliant explosion of light and energy.


Holding his wand up high, with a delicate flick of his wrist, he wrote a message in the stars, for all to read, but meant only for one other. I secret message with the meaning of the universe in it, and the other person who saw it smiled knowingly.


As the stars glittered and their brightness gleamed, the light diminished and declined to the darkness, but the message still shone out. And the conductor, smiling, held up his baton, and lowered it as the last of the night sky faded into the shadows.




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