Thoreau’s Thoughts

A week ago, I realised something. You only want something when you don’t have it. When you do have it, you no longer appreciate it, but just cling to the fact that you finally do have it, after all that pining. That’s why rich kids don’t think they’re wealthy- they’re not satisfied by just having stuff. It’s not like their lifestyle changed a great deal when they bought that $3000 computer- they’re used to wealth. It’s just a standard upgrade.
Materialism defeats itself. If you spend your entire life collecting antiques, or buying as many things as you can because you think you want them, what then? When you die, you can’t have any of it. Your life would have been spent on something so empty- just objects. Why not do something more full with your existence?
Time is all your have in the world. Find something worth spending it on.

One thought on “Thoreau’s Thoughts

  1. Pat. says:

    Oh, so now you tell me.
    Cheers out.

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