The Matrix

So here I sit, having just missed the Express train to Perth. I could have caught it, but rather, waited on the platform for the others to get on. It was replete. I stayed at the station to make sure no one lost their jobs because of me.
A whiff of perfume blows my way everytime the breeze turns in my favour. It smells suspiciously of Paris Hilton.
The sun is warm on my skin, and I would be comfortable to bask in its radiant light for eternities evermore if only there were the time.
Time is all I have in life. So much of it slips by, and I let it, for most hour glasses hold decades worth of sand.
Time seems to have passed extra slow these past few hours. It feels like half the day has gone, and yet, the clocks argue otherwise.
In my catacomb of endless twilight, I lose track of time entirely, and I function only in accordance to my body’s needs. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
I wish I had a picture of my hair, but my incompetant brother had decided I wasn’t worthy of keeping the camera, and so took it for himself to look after. Of course, when my mother recovered it, the batteries had been dead for weeks, and he hadn’t used it since.
I have spent my chemistry lesson giggling non-sensicly and swinging my legs on this high chair.
The day was interesting indeed. I spent the first few hours following disorientated. I woke early to complete much of my homework, and ah, the fruits. I was quite invigorated, but not entirely focused at the same time. It was a curious result, for I was too tired to daydream (for my consciousness couldn’t make sense of fantasy) and felt gigglishly happy. I found it difficult to whistle, too.
When I arrived at school, just in time (having missed the first train) for homeroom, Mark was telling me about his yesterday. I always encourage him to smile- it makes the day so much easier. As he was talking, I suddenly decided he wasn’t smiling enough, so reached into my locker and shoved a set of chocolate blocks into his mouth as he was speaking. We laughed about it for a while, but he wouldn’t stop smiling for an age after that. Precisely the point, no less.
I was overcome with euphoria during my chemistry class and sort of zoned out for half of it. I don’t know, it was a very strange day. I felt like I had been transported into a magical realm, and leprechauns were just around the corner, singing and dancing in their merry ways, beckoning me to share a drink with them. Peculiar, I know. I’d say it’s from the lack of sleep.

One thought on “The Matrix

  1. Pat. says:

    Souds like you had an interesting day. Shoving chocolate into someone’s mouth certainly does create a talking point.
    Cheers out.

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