Warrior Within

Alo. I probably shouldn’t update so much- takes the magic out of it, but I enjoy writing, and a journal is almost as exciting as a diary, so this is my alternative.
I gave Pete his birthday present today- the little keyring of a voodoo doll. Red with a pitchfork and two beady little eyes and everything. I told him Ivy and I saw it in Singapore and thought it looked like him, so we decided to buy it. I’m surprised I survived such an encounter. I also gave Richard his Naruto necklace.
"I know how much you like Prince of Tennis, so I got you an equally stupid anime-related present." Even though he was trying to break his obssession. Lol poor guy.
Mm. I’ve realised something. I’d rather fight to music than dance to it. When I hear a really invigorating song, I feel the power rush through my veins rather than the rhythm. I free myself of all tension, then step into a fighting stance, fists raised, and feel I could take on anyone. It’s probably not a good thing. Kind of like how I step into a room as if there’s an ambush waiting for me. For example, leaving the toilet, I’d open the door, peer out, put my head out and glance to the right before leaving entirely, in the frame of half a second. It’s habit from when my brother used to wait outside and scream "BOO!" or something equally frightful when I was just a wee lad. Still, all this will to fight and this mentality against it is clashing inside of me, and I can’t find a solution. I need to play more sports.
Anways, it’s eight, and I’ve got a stack of things to do tonight, not to mention I’ve neglected practicing the piano once more. My lesson is in a week, and Eugene makes it difficult by sleeping until noon, using his computer until the evening (whilst my Mum sleeps), then watching DVD’s at night, leaving me about maybe a half hour span to practice if I remember to take advantage of it. My family is dysfunctional. Well, so long.

4 thoughts on “Warrior Within

  1. Georgie says:

    Hey John! sorry but i didnt realy read the whole thing but i have checked it out because my time on the net is limited as i am at my aunts but i will read it soon enough

  2. Georgie says:

    this one!

  3. Georgie says:

    yes u do realy need to get pyjama’s i also may be back online later

  4. Matthew says:

    You’ve toed the line between a very interesting realisation and nothingness.The missing point is that dancing and fighting, in that they are coordinated, significant forms of communication, are not all that dissimilar.In fact, the example of T’ai Chi Chuan is pertinent. It is a meditative discipline, somewhat like synchronised dance or pantomime, yet when speeded up is an extremely effective combat discipline.The sensation is the same; whether to love or to war, to dance or to fight, the exhilaration is the same. Maybe that’s why war is as common as love.Regards,The Captain.

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