The Return

Like so many others before me, I have in turn succumbed to the idea of a holiday summary. At present, Laurence Bye is leering ominously over my shoulder and smirking that he has the honour of being included. Patrick also wishes to mention that he is “defeating a giant lizard” in the background in mortal combat. I would also like to mention that Tim Calderra finds it fascinating that I actually have business on the computer. I’m suddenly far more popular than I’m used to, and the attention is swamping me.


It is currently lunchtime of the 1st of February- Freedom Day, when Lincoln outlawed slavery in America. Similarly, it is the day that the slavery and totalitarianism resumes. I have already experienced such encounters in the two classes I have just come from. Heavens this place can be brutal.


At any rate, my holidays. Well, I can’t say I exactly accomplished a lot, because oftentimes I underestimated the saying, “Tempis Fugit.” The sands of times slipped silkily through my fingers, try as I might to hold on to them, and alas, school has resumed without me having any real mental preparation. It is more like a continuation of school rather than an entirely new year.


However, after my annual ablution, I scarcely had time to anticipate the day, let alone write this entry as I had intended. Georgie also disrupted my plans for the night with a phone call that lasted sixteen minutes too long. Resultantly, I missed out on a full half hour of sleep, and I woke up slightly groggy. Not the greatest start. At any rate, I’ll skip the details of my ritual preparation and go back to the initially intended topic of the holidays.


I did some pretty spectacular things over the past ten weeks. Foremost, I headed down to Singapore to experience the greatest and worst holiday of my life. The first week and a half or so, when there was nothing more to care of than what I would wear for the day, and how happy Ivy was. Then came the eviction and all the events that followed. I saw Yi Qian again, and experienced the delight of a cold shower, before eventually returning home to appreciate exactly what I left behind.


I sampled the delights of anime at Wai-con, and too, met both Elinor and Mai, and eventually had the grace to meet the almighty Willow herself. I knew the simple pleasure in spending an entire night, ill as I was, doing nothing more than watching movies to pass the time. I learned that the only use I have for money is to provide for others.


I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked to, in terms of my writing goals. Nevertheless, I enjoyed so many different experiences, away from a comfortable environment. I discovered a little more about what I seek in life.


Regardless, my holidays were spent well, procrastination blues or not. Now I only hope I can get on top of the rest of my schoolwork. I’ll keep you posted.




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