Inuyasha Fan-boy?

It is with some regret, I admit that I have finally succumbed to the ubiquitous presence of Japanese Anime. Specifically, I have finally watched an episode of Inuyasha. Eight episodes, actually, and it’s completely irresistable.
Firstly, Inuyasha has the cutest ears in existence. Because I value my mortal life, I would not have the bravado to pet them as so many fan-girls would kill to do, but I’d just like to say that the twitching is adorable.
Secondly, I have many a question. How did Inuyasha get hair of the fire rat? How did he get the Tetsusaiga? How did Sesshomaru-sama get the "Tensaiga"? How did Miroku get involved with them, and why does he carry that staff? If Miroku’s Wind Tunnel sucks things in, doesn’t that mean he has a bajillion demons inside him? Where did they meet Sango? And how the devil can she throw that massive boomerang?
Thirdly, I cannot let this obssession continue for the sake of my sanity. It will consume me if I encourage it, but damnit, there are still two DVD’s I haven’t watched, and by golly, I’m going to watch them. I’m just such a sucker for anime. Pokémon, Beyblades, Sailor Moon (SHUT UP! It’s a quality show), Dragonball, Chobits and pretty much any other anime I’ve been graced to watch. They’re all irresistable, what with their massive eyes that take up half their face, and their little sweat beads and ability to fall over instantaneously, and the lumps on people’s head when they’ve taken a walloping to the noggin… It’s just all so classic!
That, and I’ve never been able to resist anime romance. It just makes me all fuzzy inside when a guy and a girl get close to admitting they have feelings for one another, and the closer they get, the more torn up they are. Then, traditionally, they will either never admit it, or they’ll deny it outright and try to hate each other for a few episodes. At any rate, it makes me all warm and tingly and I must seize something to squeeze in a massive bear hug.
I heart Inuyasha, but *le sigh*. There’s more to life than Japanese cartoons. I’ll see where this newfound passtime takes me, but for now, I have things to do before school resumes.

2 thoughts on “Inuyasha Fan-boy?

  1. Ivy says:

    I find anime a distasteful classic. So sue me. All the same plotlines more or less, all the same features with big eyes and small mouths. The only reason people draw like that is because it’s an acceptable alternative to proportionate anatomy. 
    Now it’s considered a skill and a work of art. I suppose it is, but still, tch, distasteful.
    You should know what I mean.

  2. Beth says:

    Miroku has the staff coz it will protect him against almost anything. The "tetsaiga" and the "tensaiga" were both Inuyasha and Sheshi’s fathers. (they share a father).

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