“Efeu’s Nicknames”

I found this in my drawer from a while ago, and thought it was rather sweet.
  1. Pirate. (I think it’s her right eye that’s slightly weaker than her left. Hence, the need for an eyepatch.)
  2. Giraffe. (She said she almost didn’t get into air rifle because of her long neck)
  3. Efeu. Ivy in German, lacking propper punctuation.
  4. Miss Wong.
  5. The Scientist.
  6. Lass.
  7. Little Miss Ivy.
  8. Freulein Ivy.
  9. Snake Woman.
  10. Gunslinger.
  11. Pajama Girl.
  12. Spoon Girl.
  13. Bulbous Cheeks. [o.O]
  14. Tramp.
    [Now that I think about it, some of these are pretty nasty!]
  15. Model-in-the-Making.
  16. Daytripper.
  17. Eskimo. (Ice Kachang-related?)
  18. Raflle-ticket. (Envious of her school?)
  19. Germaine Germainia. (Long story. Involves Lord Jackemus, and Ivy’s love for Germany.)
  20. Iron Pumper.
  21. Little Miss Faker.
  22. Mad Woman.
  23. Rememberall.
    [You have as much chance of guessing these as I do.]
  24. Forest Lady. (Vi for Victoria. Victoria is a character out of the "Theif" games, who had power to control the forrest.)
  25. Biologist.
  26. Milady.
  27. Thesselia. (??)
  28. Leprechaun.
  29. Croc Hunter.
  30. Weasly. (This one was clever. She had McDonalds one day, and ate it in favour of talking to me. Ronald McDonald, Ronald Weasly, Weasly for short.)
  31. The Artist.
  32. Mei Mei (little sister).
  33. Giantess (NOT a nice one.)
  34. Carnivore (o.0)
  35. Pearly Whites.
  36. Slick.
  37. Jebedia.
  38. (The) Meeper.
  39. Cathy Freeman.
  40. Sugardimples.


There were about a dozen more which I didn’t write down, but hey. I’d say 40 is a reasonable list. I came up with them about a year or a year and a half ago, so forgive me if they’re stale.


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