The Decalogue

I’d just like to say a few things.
Firstly, Willow is right. Because of the heirarchy of Gods/Goddesses, it is impossible for me to willingly hurt her. Ellie however, seems to have a tendency to kick me, and she is swiftly wearing away the chivalry that protects her. Soon I may be forced to stop offering to carry her bag, or worse, be inclined to fight back. I could beat you Ellie, and you know it. Halfway through our wrestling match, I realised that I couldn’t hurt you, and so just stood there instead. I saw your foot leave the ground, I saw it swing towards me, and I felt it connect with my leg. It stung for a few seconds, but nothing more. Come on, you don’t seriously believe you’re agile enough to hit me, let alone strong enough to hurt me? Willow, well, she could be more of an adversary, but I could still take the two of you if I could bring myself to land a blow.
Anyways, number two. My glasses are now seriously disfigured. Remember how they were bent to inane proportions? Yeah, I’d say that was your fault Ellie. I half-bent them back into shape, and managed to stick the lens back in, but now they’re sloping so I can half-see over the rim on my left eye. Ah well. I had been pestering Mum to make an optometrist appointment for a few weeks. Now’s the perfect excuse to force her into it.
Three. Solomon, you cheated. You can’t play Upwords to save your life. Since when could you just stick tiles anywhere on the board? Or use Mah-zhong (sp?) characters as letters? And "Condominiums" is a perfectly legitimate word. Madam Wong kept giving me extra tiles- it was she who cheated on my behalf! Bottom line, you cheated, and you know it.
Four. Number three was relating to a dream. Solomon was playing Upwords with himself (Scrabble, except you can put tiles on top of each other to replace certain letters), and I challenged him to a game. He cheated. For some reason, he put the word "Condom" on the side and grinned. Somehow I took it as an implication to Ivy, and added "inium" on the end, and later, replaced a "goat" character with an s. Honestly, Doubleyou tee ef?
Five. I also dreamed of the night Ivy and I went to the movies in Australia, except this time, we were going to see Narnia. Ivy vanished for a while, and I knew I had to get home soon, but I just couldn’t help myself. I took out my last, and emergency $10 (that I keep with me always- that’s all I had left after yesterday by the way) and bought a ticket to see the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but my conscience got the better of me, knowing that I shouldn’t keep Mum waiting for two hours. I left the cinema, and haggled with the ticket-man to give me my money back. He fumbled for a few minutes, seeing how much he owed me and checking various scheduals before disappearing into the back room. 10 minutes later, I realised he had ditched me. Ivy rejoined me, and I shot a death-look at another one of the employees, and left.
Six. I am now officially POOR. I spent exactly $40 yesterday, being all the money I had on my person (minus the $10), and about an eighth of that went to buskers. Damn them and their gimmicks. And damn me for falling for them!
Seven. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I’m so poor now! ='(
Up until now, I have never known an occassion where I actually needed money, but did not have enough, with some left over to spare. Maybe I should call in that $130 Eugene owes me. Not that he’ll be able to pay me.
Eight. EUREKA! I can just be an idiot and use my moneybox! The one I made in Year 9 of the Eye of Truth. It holds 50 $1 coins and 25 $2 coins. Except it will take me a few months to replace them all, but hell, it will WORK! I am so good. I am so good. Everybody loves me cause I am so good. And I have a plan, too. Oh I’m so devious. Mwuhahaha!
Nine. Ignore the above.
Ten. Have a good day everyone, or good night if you’re a little late!

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