I have often heard sayings, like, "Life isn’t fair. Don’t expect it to be." "Life sucks." "This bites." Things like that. Everyone seems to have a problem with life.
I realised something today. I do not have reason to complain. Not in comparison to the people that do. People who have had it the hardest don’t always show it. In the poorest of the poor countries, we know there is poverty and hunger, and we address it with those two general terms. We think of donating to ‘help the poor people’. It’s a general term; poor people. We forget that they are exactly like us in every way, except they have been robbed of every opportunity you or I have been given.
None of you who can read this have any real reason to complain, or hate your life. There are a hundred, hundred thousand others in the world who would give everything the owned to spend a day living like you do. There are unspoken voices who are tormented every day, by sexual and physical abuse, and yet no one hear’s their cries. A child is starving of malnutrition, and his parents are too weak to gather food for him. A baby has a fever, and without the medication worth $2, its brain overheats, and it becomes mentally disabled for life. People are missing limbs, or are screaming in anguish, and yet we of the middle/upper class have the nerve to save life is unfair.
Life is unfair, because we can say it’s unfair, when the people who are dying can’t. They haven’t been told "Life is cruel," they just know it as their whole world. They grow up knowing nothing else than hunger, and working as hard as they can to get enough money to survive another day. They grow up knowing nothing more than parents should discipline their children by hurting them until they get back in line. They grow up knowing only that their lives must adapt as much as possible for them to live like a normal person, minus a leg, or worse, a loved one. Some people grow up scarecely knowing love at all. That’s what’s unfair about life. That we have the ability to say it sucks.

One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Silaithwein says:

    You also forget that everyone takes life differently – sometimes it isn’t worth living for people, because they don’t feel alive – sure they’re still breathing and functioning normally, but they’re just not living.Everyone has a right to say what they feel – even if it’s less of a problem than anothers by your eyes, it doesn’t mean that that is how it is to them.

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