Slurs of a Semi-conscious Slave

I is in need of sleep. Evil big brother forbids his slave from rest until he is satisfied that slave has burned CD. Big brother is slow, and does not know how to burn. Slave must wait, though eyes droop with every passing minute. Slave is tired.
He’s being rather evil about the whole DVD thing. I went to the video store, and Mum and Dad left me there for some 50 minutes. I bet the guys at the counter thought I had no life. I ended up borrowing 11, resisting the temptation to borrow several more. I’ll be back for them next week though, don’t you worry. ANyways, when I got home, Eugene went through them to see if my taste had improved, and apparently, it had not. However, because most of the films were recommendations, they very much suited his taste, and so he took all the ones he liked (about 6 of them) and locked them in his room to watch, leaving me with the less preferrable choices. And now that he’s finished watching Donnie Darko, he wants me to burn it for him. You know what? Screw that. It’s past my bed time, and I’m delicate. I need sleep. Mewmew. =^-^=

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