This morning, I thought to myself, "I really need to update my blog." Well, here’s yer update.
All I want is to get out of the house after being confined in here for the past two weeks without any inkling of a social life. I called a number of people this morning, all of whom were unavailable. Lord Jackemus, Chazwozzer, Chewbaca, Le Shibi. You’d think one of them would have a day at home, like myself, rotting away.
This confinement is evoking lunacy. I have absolutely nothing to do with all this time except waste away on the computer, and since I returned Prince of Persia to the video store yesterday, my gamecube seems to lack that kick in life. My other homebound activities are writing stories, poetry, diary adjustments, and reading Merchant of Venice. Unfortunately, the book is so damn boring I’ve fallen asleep two out of two times I’ve attempted to read it. I’ve covered one act and five scenes so far, and I’ve got about 100 pages to go. I’m a third of the way. It’ll take me weeks to finish.
At any rate, I’m just a tad bit frustrated that I plan to go out every day, and for reasons unforseen, I am cut off before I reach the action. Today’s reason  was Mum has a superstition that there are lots of gangsters that go around on Sundays, and the train is now unsafe. I’m just going to go get some of that Belgium chocolate and try to avoid sulking. Pssht.
If I don’t get out of here by tomorrow, I’m going to snap and either break something, or kill something.
Side note: I was cleaning out last year’s school file, and I found that Grapes of Wrath assignment- the one I didn’t do, but managed to trick Mr Watson into thinking I got a B for. I spent weeks feeling contrite about that. Anyways, I found it in my assessments folder, and was overcome with such remorse that I tried to burn it. Unfortunately, my conscience told me not to play with matches, so after the first futile attempts, I decided that I wouldn’t use my deoderant as a flame thrower and I’d just throw it in the bin like anyone else who’s not partially crazed. I must go.
EDIT: Went to Jack’s house, came back and collapsed in bed for an hour (I love feeling so tired you don’t want to move and just lying like that for hours at a time) before moving off to church where I realised as much as Father Steve scares me, I’m actually needed there. Anyways, got out of the house, sort of re-activated my social life, I’m now content for the meanwhile. I’ll talk to you online Chaz.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Pat. says:

    Why don’t you come over tomorrow?And if you have nothing to do, I recommend getting a job.Cheers out.

  2. Silaithwein says:

    Now you know how I’ve been feeling. Shit aint it :P

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