New Year’s Resolutions

Right! New Year’s. It is now the year 2006. I completely freaked out when I first realised that. "What a wretched number!" I thought to myself. Two double oh five to the max! Regardless, one cannot stop time, no matter how hard he tries, and here we must face a New Year. Like a new day, except rarer. What are our plans for the year? Let’s take a look, shall we?
1. Meditate frequently enough to make stress a rarity. Not so much last year as the two years before that, but I used to lose sleep (and arguably, the colour in a few rogue strands of hair) over late assignments and big tests. I won’t let that happen, by
2. Completing all assignments a week before they’re due, if possible. Absolutely no slacking off, with the excuse "Ah, it’s the weekend at last. I have two days, I’ll do it right after this."
3. Re-prioritise. Family before friends. I haven’t realised just how much Mum does for me, and even though Eugene can be a thoughtless son of a bitch, I love him all the same. I’ve been doing pretty good at this one, but for the new year, I’m going to do as well as I can.
4. Be known as Mr Nice Guy, to someone, somewhere, somehow. I guess I’m just sick of being known as "The crazy psycho Asian".
5. Read up on Chinese proverbs, and act likewise. "It’s not about anger; it’s about peace" sort of thing.
6. Get a bloody six-pack.
That just about concludes my New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps I’m too tired, but it seems a tad bit shallow. Nevertheless, these six (may add to the six later) objectives are now my challenge for the year.
As… [EXPLETIVE DELETED!] Er… censor that. *goes back and edits*
I just realised something. I have broken a tradition I have kept for four or five years. Write a diary entry on the last day of the year that thanks my diary for being with me through the Good, the Bad, and Everything Else. I feel very, much disturbed that I could forget this year. I don’t know, Christmas and New Year don’t seem like big things to me anymore. And I tried sending an SMS to everyone to finish the SMS I sent on Christmas at midnight.

Christmas: "Merry Christmas and"
New Year: "a Happy New Year!"

Unfortunately, I can’t send SMS’s for some reason, so I guess the message is left unfinished for all time. Ah well, I tried. That’s what counts. At any rate, I’ve also forgotten to hunt down a new diary for 2006. It’s another tradition to write a page introducing myself to the book, and what whoever’s reading it should expect to encounter. I’ll see to it tomorrow, if any decent shops are open on Sunday. I really shouldn’t have left it til now. Curses! You know what. Add a number 7 to the list.

7. Be punctual, to start over like you used to. No forgetting about important dates, either. And you know what?
8. Keep your word, and don’t you ever break it again unless you ultimately have to. Near death experience is all that can save you. You’ve broken enough promises to last a few lifetimes.
Liiiiiiiiittle bit cranky, so I’m going to sleep now. I may have to edit this in the morning. Good night, and have a blessed New Year.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Pat. says:

    Hope you brang in the new year well. Just one thing: Unless you train hard every day, and strip almost your entire body fat, only then can you get a six pack. There’s a line between being fit and being healthy: the healthy way is to know its there, but not have it entirely visible. It’s much more healthy, and you have more muscle.(Note: This is something I’m going to achieve this year too).Cheers out!

  2. Ivy says:

    Six pack is fine, but if you have to go through bloody means I’ll rather have you like that is just fine. You have a six pack already! It’s sexy enough baby. It’sjust important to keep fit. *huggles*Don’t worry so much about not having the diary, it’s New Year! Worrying is no way to spend it. At most, just start the year when you DO get it. Maybe I ‘ll send you one if I’m not already terribly broke to the core.You couldn’t send the sms because the networks are busy with everyone wishing everyone Happy New Year. That’s why I couldn’t call till so late, I’m sorry. Happy New Year baby boy! *huggles*

  3. Unknown says:


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