A trace of Silver

My Pokémon Silver game. Originally, I did spend about 300 or so playing it, and had captured all 251, including Celebi and Mew. I was training a team of exceptionally rare Pokémon (Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Mew and Celebi), all of which were closer to level 90 of 100.
That was a long time ago. I recalled at some point that that particular game had been unfortunately deleted, and so I thought I would start afresh. Unfortunately, being the fool I was, I did not check to see if my memory had failed me, and just started over. I could very well have sacrificed those 300 hours for nothing, but it’s too late for that- New Bark Town! Totodile, I choose you!
So it was I began my journey, once more, of finding the strongest Pokémon in the land, and uniting them under my control. I decided that I would create a team of Scythers- excellent attack and speed, and a flying and bug type, as well as being able to learn various moves which gave it an advantage over, well, most everything. In addition, they could learn False Swipe, which could take a Pokémon down to 1hp, but no less. Perfect for capture tactics.
My team was brilliant. Swiftblade, Quickblade, Bladancer, Sharpblade, Deathblade and Sharpclaw. Something along those lines, at any rate. I had put so much into raising them, and then one summer’s day, not so long ago, I discovered it was all in vain.

"New Game.

Where was the "Continue"? After a moment of shock and horror, a moment of "Good Lord, it’s the apocolypse!", I blinked, and screamed 
"I spent 468 [aprox. probably more] hours on you!" I cried, hurling the cartridge at my pillow. My entire team of elite Scythers, spearheaded by Sharpclaw, had been… What word could I use to describe this crime? Obliterated.

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