The Perfect World

I am partially worried about my mental health.
I met someone who didn’t like people who "pretended to be smarter than they were" on RuneScape. He was from the US military, and I argued with him for a little while until he logged off. He didn’t want to listen to the squawking of a 15-year-old who would get a BMX for Christmas when he had to pay for it with his own blood.
I asked Captain Jamus what he thought of the military. Amazing people with enormous courage, that risked their lives for others. I replied that it was at the cost of those on the other end of the gun. One human’s life is as valueable as any other’s, to a general extent.
I said that retribution doesn’t solve anything. If you punch a guy, he’s going to punch you back, and you both wake up with bruises. He said that it’s not so much punching you as punching your mother. Then you would punch back, for your mother’s sake, or the best friend he just shot. I argued that if there were no reason to punch your mother, there would be no reason to punch him.
My solution is that there is no military. The billions governments spend on weapons can be focused on healthcare, welfare, ending poverty. If we had one single uncorrupted government placed in charge of ruling the world, they could redistribute the wealth so that 20% of the world doesn’t have 90% of the resources. There’s enough food on this planet for everyone to gain weight. It’s just hoarded up with one fifth of the world’s richest countries.
But then, if Utopia was reached, there would still be problems.
Firstly, population growth. So many people wouldn’t starve to death, or die of starvation-related diseases. So many wouldn’t be killed by war, and Earth’s population would shoot far beyond stability. I don’t think it’s reasonable for someone to put population restrictions on an area. I have no clue how that would be solved.
Quick example. If there was a bacteria that doubled every minute, and it started at one in a test tube full of food, it would only take so long to fill. Say the test tube was full in one hour. At 59 minutes, it would be half full. At 58, a quater. 57, an eighth and so on. If the bacteria suddenly realised around the 50th minute that they were going to run out of food soon, and somehow the greatest scientists produced even three more test tubes full of food, everyone would rejoice. "Hoorah! Four test tubes of food, we are saved!" Unfortunately, at the 61st minute, two test tubes would be gone, and by the 62nd, they would find themselves without any food left.

Fortuantely, Earth isn’t quite like this. Our planet can regenerate itself if it’s taken care of properly. However, I think the population might prove to be a bit of a problem, even if the bacteria slowed food consumption and increased multiplication. Well, one solution would be to wipe out half the population and re-educate the survivors, but that would be a pretty nasty solution indeed.

Secondly, there’s the saying "You can’t please everybody." Some ignoramus, who wasn’t aware of the greater good, would find a problem with the system. That is, unless of course, nobody was an ignoramus. However, rebellion would probably be inevitable, and with the entire military of the world disengaged, they would be unchallenged if they somehow came into possession of weapons of destruction.
I believe rebellion could be repressed somewhat like how Big Brother managed to control the world and re-write history. Not to such an extent of course, but enough to educate everyone properly how "The suffering of one is as nothing to the suffering of many." So many would life if they could only be united instead of try and kill each other.
I had many more ideas about this, but they were all summarised in this entry. It’s gotten me thinking about what’s wrong with the largest portion of the world, and worst of all, I don’t know what else the public is ignorant of. Mm… We’re living in a messed up reality.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect World

  1. Pat. says:

    …And when this reality is gone and a perfect world exists, there is no more need for it. That’s when our Lord will come down, and judgemnet day will occur (if you’re not Christian or don’t believe that, hey that’s cool by me). Consult yours truly if you are confused.Cheers out.

  2. Unknown says:

    If you had ALL that time to think of that, you have way too much time on your hands, my friend.

  3. John says:

    Hm, you’ve got a point there Chaz, if Christian teachings are true. However, better for the world to end a perfect world than exponentially run out of food, blow our planet apart, or just multiply until there’s no way to survive for lack of space.To Willow, I am very well aware of that. I’m upset by the fact that nobody else has enough time on their hands to think about it either.

  4. Silaithwein says:

    Or maybe we do think about it but don’t bother explaining our ideas in our blogs?Anyway, I need you help. I need a co-writer (for once)And you’re the only one at the moment that I can think of.

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