Dreaming, again again again again.

I had a rather interesting dream last night.
I was an assassin of some sort, as often I am in my fondest dreams, but I was seriously out-matched by a Japanese man, I now realise was named Shigeru. That part of the dream was probably influenced by Tales of the Otori, a book about ancient Japanese clans. At any rate, I had a small child with me, whom I was protecting for some reason or another. That was probably influenced by King Kong. At any rate, the kid somehow managed to get the guy’s sword (a katana, of course), and of course all my fear of having my ass kicked suddenly evaporated.
I attacked quite nervously, not seriously wanting to hurt him, but he didn’t even flinch as the sword cut into his stomach and sides. I drove it into him and everything, but he just explained what I was doing wrong, and that I should try harder. I twisted the sword, embedded in him, and wrenched upwards to cut him open, but it didn’t seem to affect him at all. Backing away, I just sighed and turned the sword, hilt first to him, and he took it.
"For a painless death, that still allows you to time to talk, drive it through the neck." To demonstrate, he aligned the blade with my adam’s apple and thrusted it forward. He walked away, the kid having vanished, and I was wondering how long it would take to die. I suddenly realised the second half of the sentence, and called out to him.

"I’m trusting you to take care of her!" The assassin’s silhoutte in the doorway just kept walking, for he had become Solomon.

The rest of my dream was nonsense. Willow was depressed that King Kong had left her, so Ivy became a lesbian to cheer her up. Stacey was teaching my PE class, and I stepped out of bounds or something in the equivalent of dodgeball, so she yelled at me to leave. In my fury, I returned to the empty Gym and meditated in the office. I awoke incredible powers, and a Tibettan monk explained to me what I could do. I became something like the new Buddha, or at least a super priest, and then explained to a theatre full of university students why chocolate eggs had the equivalent of 10 roast turkey’s worth of fat in them. I then woke up, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. Anyways, first part of the dream where I got to use a katana was the fave. Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming, again again again again.

  1. Pete says:

    I heard you and Ivy broke it off…it’s true right?

  2. John says:

    Now who could have told you that? If only had read my space, or even talked to me, you might have discovered whether it was true or not.By the way, don’t you hate me?

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