Solomon/Suzanna, whoever it was who commented: I appreciate your kind and insightful words. However, it was Ivy who eventually nudged me to realise how foolish I’ve been to cling on.
After 10 days of denial, I’ve finally accepted that our relationship is over. Should it, by some obscure chance ever resume, then yes. There will be rejoicing. However, I have to accept that there’s more to life than Ivy, though I do miss her at times. She’s got her own life to live now, and I can move on knowing she’ll become a superstar or a goddess of some form or description. Solomon, I’m charging you (for the current time, anyway) to make sure she always feels like a Princess at least.
To that mysterious 2nd person who commented, yeah, thanks for your sensitivity, but a shove in the back isn’t going to get me going. I need to take the steps myself, which, as of this morning, I have.
Peace be with you all.
John Simon Marshall.

One thought on “Timberwolf

  1. Unknown says:

    Can’tcha feel the love and peace? I mean, can ya? Cause it’s on me! GEDDIT OFF ME!

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