The REAL Spirit of Christmas

Everyone keeps reminding me about what they got for Christmas. It bothers me. I’m glad their happy with their materialistic treasures, their watches and mobiles and laptops, but I’m not sure how much it effects me.
For a while, I was a tad bit depressed about my lack of presents. For my birthday, my mother gave me the 100 American Dollars my uncle had given me a few years back. Mum was holding on to it for me, and gave it to me as my birthday present. I gave it back to her a month later when I returned from Singapore, not having spent it. It wasn’t much of a present from her, and I think she’s forgotten the whole point of giving presents. At any rate, I don’t think Birthdays are really worth all the fuss.

Do you know what I got for Christmas? A card from my good friend Siobhan (pronounced shivon). I got it a few days early, because I don’t see her all that often, but it made me smile. I laughed, even. It made my day, and I thanked God for the occassion.

Now, after the Christmas season is just over, why should I care about not getting any presents? Lee says everyone deserves a Christmas present. I’ve been thinking about if she’s right, and, well, I guess that is part of the Christmas season. Including those who’ve been excluded, though I can hardly claim I’ve been left out.


"Everyone deserves a gift." He smiled softly. I was about to cut in with the fact I did get one from Albus, but his innocent voice stopped me. "And Professor Dumbledore’s gift of candy hearts did not count. He got everyone some. Everyone deserves something unique."


From a Harry Potter fanfic. It has truth to it. I guess I am a little cranky about being forgotten, and I do admit, I consider it just the slightest bit unfair seeing as I got a fair few people a number of presents. Ah well, there’s always next year. Merry Christmas everyone, God bless.


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