Merry Christmas!

Oh joy, another Christmas. I’m an enormous moron though. I stayed up until midnight last night, waiting for it to strike twelve, and when it did I barely noticed. Then I recalled I was supposed to stay up til midnight on New Year’s. I went to bed grumpy and barely coherent an hour later.
On the plus side, I did get an e-card from Ivy’s cousin, Dylan, but that’s about the extent of the festivities thus far. 9:11am, drat. A few people have Merry Christmas in their MSN names, but otherwise… the magic seems to have died over this side of the world. I asked Mum to visit a patient in her hospital (nurse), one she didn’t know, and wish him or her a Merry Christmas. I just feel that not enough people over here have been caught up by the spirit, if it exists at all in society today.
My plans for the day are to cook a turkey with my brother- that should take a few hours. Other than that, life continues as per normal. Peace out.

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Laura says:


  2. Beth says:

    MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO wait thats santas line dammit.

  3. Ivy says:

    Merry Christmas! Christmas spirit is alive and well over here- I’m not though. Well, that is, but I’m still alive. Heheheh, fever’s what you get when you go crazy and play basketball in the rain just to look sexy. (xLove!Ivy.

  4. Jesslahhh says:

    Merry Christmas and have a great day! :)

  5. says:

    Merry Christmas broHave a good un!~Jamus

  6. Unknown says:

    Ha, Xin you fool… you going to put a christmas stocking up on new years?

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