Revelation on pr0n

"I shall hereby make an effort to stop going to porn sites."
Three people noticed my MSN nickname this morning, and I got three different responses:
1. It was ignored. He was too busy floating on a bliss of clouds as he explained about his new girlfriend. About twenty minutes later, "You looked at porn? I never knew that o.0"
2. "You should still go, there usefull;)"
"For what?"
"For making you happy ^o)"
3. "I’m reading your display name."
"And what are you thinking whilst reading it?"
"When did you first go to a pron site?"
"Probably a few weeks after I got the internet." When my parents stopped monitoring what I did, that is. I was very, very young.
Let me continue explaining why I have made such a terrible decision that will most likely cripple me for life.
My friend is twelve, turning thirteen, and he ended up fooling around in the cinemas with the girl he was sitting next to in some isolated corner, while on a field trip with his class. Unfortunately for them, she let out an involuntary moan, and that was that. They were taken outside, but no real punishment issued, and life carried on as per normal. My little bro there has five or seven older siblings, so that’s where his experience came from. The girl’s though, I can only assume she’s been introduced to porn at some point in her life, and furnished something of an addiction.
There’s too much free porn on the internet. Sluts, for lack of a better word, smothering half the sites out there. The majority of internet sites is pornography related, apparently, and I can believe that to some extent. Regardless, kids (such as myself when I was seven or  eight) should NOT have access to these things, no matter how cool they think they are. Teenagers are almost encouraging one another to get laid as soon and often as possible, without any respect for the act of making love. Firstly, it’s pathetic. Secondly, it’s putting them in a dangerous situation at such an early age. With so much of their life not yet lived, kids and teenagers might make decisions that cost them a great deal more than they bargained for in the future.
At any rate, I will no longer support porn sites. Not your casual slutty type porn sites anyway. *sigh*
I really pity the poor girls who have nothing more to offer than their highly over-worked bodies. They deserve more of a chance than simple prostitution. I wonder how many of them have died from STD’s. Basically, damn the porn industry. Most of it’s done without taste and should burn, like the crazy frog.

One thought on “Revelation on pr0n

  1. Pat. says:

    Hear Hear. That is to say, I hear that. It’s rather crude when you think of it. Poor people offering up their physical beauty, just so that horny teenagers and desperate adults can be perverts and have a look. It’s depressing, I know, but it’s the truth. Do they have a shred of self esteem? Methinks not.What I find sadder, however, is that many of these people, if given choice, whould rather have wholesome lives, and the problam that lies underneath is that they’re forced into it by others. What kind of sick person would do that? Have we succumbed to the merest animal urges of reproduction in ourselves, just for a few moments of pleasure? To answer, I just honestly don’t know.People don’t realise just how sacred sex is. It’s for married couples. It’s private. It’s show as an act of love, not personal satisfaction. Unfortunately, the media dissolves and distorts this impression by showing every half hour on television, in every fifth ad, and like you said, all over the internet. Where has morale gone? It’s sold, people, for a few bucks and the lot to go. And that’s reality.Well, I guess that’s my two cents, even though we only have five cent pieces. I’m off to watch Television now, so let’s all hope that this time, it’ll be sex free (well, the most of it anyway).Cheers out.

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