I would now like to declare that I have mastered the Soul Calibur character known as "Ivy". I totally kick ass with her. Not even you could beat me Jun! Solomon? Ha, I’d like to see you try. No really. I have an almost unblockable combo that will take you down to about one sixth your starting health. If we were playing with a Gamecube instead of that PS2, ho ho ho, you would have been decimated.
Nevertheless, am now a 1337 Soul Caliburino, and have additionally passed the Lost Kingdoms. In reply to Solomon’s last comment, I was wrong. I was just lucky to survive on 1hp- it was supposed to kill me. I was just ignorant enough to keep in range. This time when I faced the God of Destruction, I used vastly powerful attack cards with broad ranges to take down his summoned monsters, as well as doing additional damage to him. I’ve defeated him thrice thus far, two times in which I used only Mandragoras (level 2 cards when I normally use around level 7-9) and once in which I trampled all over his divine ass. After slaying him and freeing the God of Creation, trapped in the throne upon which the former king once parked his royal ass on, they departed the world, for I had proven that humankind no longer needed Gods- we could take care of ourselves. Or at least I certainly could. With that I became the Queen of the World (yes, queen. Female characters crap all over male ones anyway) and yada yada yada. They all lived happily ever after under my prosperous and gentle reign etc. The End!

One thought on “Ostentation

  1. Solomon says:

    My sis challenges you to single combat. Her Ivy is ownage. Owns my best character completely. btw, she also owns with this and that.

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