10 more random facts about myself

I just felt like posting a few more random facts. They occured to me at different intervals of time, and I thought, "Hey, why not?"
1) I almost always sit cross-leged when possible. Even on chairs.
2) I also prefer to sit on the floor rather than on chairs. It’s more comfortable, though it makes me feel small. I would do this on trains and public transport, except I think I’d get a few strange looks. I argue that I’m young and strong and have the ability to stand for another fifteen minutes to carry on.
3) I generally look at the floor when I’m walking, and if I see something I’m about to walk into, I twirl rather than move out of the way. It keeps the momentum and allows me to carry on unhindered. Resultantly, I do a lot of twirling.
4) Despite the fact I’m a Zelda-nut and brag on and on about every minute detail of the game, I still haven’t passed it.
5) I, strange as it is to publish, now pee sitting down. I feel awkward. Anyway, I justify it because I don’t think that males should have the privelidge of being lazy when girls have to sit down either way. It’s a sacrifice, but I’m making it for reasons I still don’t quite fully understand.
6) I’m scared of the dark. If I allow myself, the possibility of demons under my bed and waiting in the shadows terrifies me, and I settle for closing my eyes and trying not to think about it. It took me years to stop hiding under the covers.
7) When I’m walking past people, I will often pretend to pull out a knife and stab them in the back as they pass me. Complete strangers at times. In large groups at school, I will casually push through them and make movements to kill all of them with a sword (katana) as I do. Chazwozzer noticed me one time. I also imagine I have twin dart guns, loaded with sedatives, as well as a variety of weapons concealed on my person (shurikens, too). I use them most every day.
8) I actually have a plan about what to do if the school gets taken over by aliens. It involves a brick, the library, and powertools.
9) I hid a $50 note in case I ever needed it a few years ago and forgot about it. Now I can’t find it.
10) My brother convinced me to cut the wires in my N64 controller in order to fix it. I later discovered it was a ploy to get Mum to buy new ones.

3 thoughts on “10 more random facts about myself

  1. Ivy says:

    Lol you little cutesies. You’re so strange baby boy. *ruffles hair* You’re always doing things out of the ordinary. Sigh, lol. <3 you all the same.

  2. Unknown says:

    You realise that you’re weird, right?

  3. Beth says:

    Dont mind willow shes weirder than everyone but me (her opionion) she told me i was creepy. thats alot coming from her.

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