Now that that little rant is out of the way, this is an entry about Wai-con, Perth’s first anime convention for the second time.
I went for the full weekend with Lord Jackemus, whom slept over my house to join me. The first day was relatively uneventful, consisting mostly of browsing the various shops and events as we did, and waiting for certain events to come about in the various theatres of the university hosting the convention. We met a gentleman called Addy Coup, whom Lord Jackemus knew from the Playstation Forums, and Cheryl from church. When she finally noticed me standing in front of her, I’d like to quote.
"Holy fuck."
She doesn’t like me all that much. In return, I spent most of the day stalking her quite by accident, but she didn’t realise it. I was at all the events she was, and when saw her relaxing with her friends at the base of a staircase, descended to the level above her and dropped a ball of paper on her head, reading "I’m watching you."
Aside from stalking Cheryl during the day, nothing really stands out except the Cosplay- when people dress up as anime characters and possibly perform. I’ll try and upload some pictures later, but for now, it’ll have to be a written recount.
There was Auron, who had spent some $400 on his costume and matched it quite superbly. We had a few random stragglers, Yuna, a few groups of Bleach characters, and even…
"Hey it’s Ash!" The girl looked up with a smile.
"And Link!" He looked up with a nudge from his sister. At loss for words, I continued rambling. "I’m your greatest fan. Ever." They laughed and suggested he start signing autographs. When he was called on stage, Yuna (who was in charge) declared,
"Well, you’re obviously Zelda…"
An uproar arose from the crowd with calls and hollers, myself spearheading them.
"He’s LINK!" I screamed as loudly as I could, fighting the urge to rise to my feet. She apologised and tried to laugh it off. Lord Jackemus and I agreed that she had been going uphill the more the audience got to know her, and she had become a great hostess. And then, at that one, fateful moment… she went right back down to zero.
At any rate, when we later spectated a gameshow, the competitors couldn’t answer the question. The host gave it to the audience, the prize being a pack of DVD’s. I jumped up and down, waving my arms frantically, but was too far to the side to be noticed. Resultantly, Link got it. I scowled at him and declared he was an imposter by the blue paint on his family crest, rather than the violet it should have been. It was verging blasphemy. Heh, ah well. He was just some cheapskate impersonator. Wasn’t worth the effort.
The next day was loads of fun too. More costumes, more anime. Lord Jackemus and I had decided that it was better to just sit down and watch various anime for the majority of the day. We watched some really strange things, some really funny thing, and some downright nutty things. I really liked the show Chobits and Chibits though- absolutely QUALITY anime/humour. I was left laughing for hours afterwards. And still today! I want a Chobit.
Anyways, since I’m rambling, I’ll cut it close. We had a cross-player, who dressed up as a girl for both days. The second day he was a princess, complete with wedding gown, make-up and high heels. We had a really cute Naruto skit, as the main character marched down the stairs to the stage below, someone from the audience (dressed as a ninja) stood and screamed for him to halt. They battled briefly until the ninja pulled out a gun and shot him, poor guy. He was awesome, and hilarious. I’ll post the pictures of him as soon as I can!
When James from Team Rocket (Pokémon) won for the performance, the Team Rocket monologue, I cupped my hands over my mouth and called "Encore!" Surprisingly enough, I succeeded! Hooray! Prepare for trouble, and make it double. Boom baby!
Anyway, to prevent your eyes from falling out from too much excessive reading, I’ll stop here. Anyways, Wai-con was loads of fun, and I hope to go again next year to support Shibi, who will be cosplaying with her friend. I can’t wait to see what they end up going as. Hooray to anime!
EDIT: GASP! She’s right. I also met Ellie and Georgia! I understand Georgia a whole lot more than Ellie, but Ellie was much easier to talk to. We have a fair bit in common, even if the word ‘infallible’ still escapes me. She’s surprisingly more human in real life, something I’ve still not understood.
I also recall one of the girls in the quiz won the bonus round, but denied the prize at the cost of two tickets. She was losing, so the audience was screaming at her to take the prize while it was offered, but still she was adamant. A raffle ticket was drawn to decide the DVD collection’s new owner, and, against all odds, she won it anyway. Nyuk.
Oh, I also forgot to mention a Super Smash Brothers Melee contest. It was a pre-register thing, but there were some no-shows, so I asked if I could take one of their places. I settled for adding my name to the bottom of the list, but as I got to the white-board, another kid came up from the side and took the marker. Being kind and patient as I am, I gestured for him to continue. And so it was, I missed out on the contest…. by one position. Amongst the competitors was the mysterious "Zeng", who had only played twice. I asked if I could take his place. He declined. I offered to pay him to take his place. He declined. I screamed at him.
"YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE! Just don’t come crying to me when you’re wiped out IN THE FIRST ROUND!" I hissed as I pushed my way out of the room, having heard the order for all non-competitors to evacuate. I cursed his name for about half an hour afterwards, and threatened to tear out his spleen when I next saw him. Honestly… a second timer! In a competition! The nerve.
I also didn’t bother to sign up for the gamecube’s Mario Kart competition the following day. You know why? Because I’ve never played it, and I didn’t want to be an asshole like Zeng, and steal somebody’s spot! Alas, when I got there to see how many people had entered, it totalled 10. Ah well, I didn’t mind so much. I’ll get around to posting the pictures soon, believe me!

4 thoughts on “Wai-con

  1. Beth says:

    I notice that the meeting of two friends was not adressed in this recount.

  2. Beth says:

    1) Mr pedantic its Georgie not Georgia2) "She’s surprisingly more human in real life, something I’ve still not understood" what is that supposed to mean????3) I could so take you *pokes out tounge*4) MEEEEEEEEOOOOOOW

  3. Ivy says:

    Baby I miss you!): MSN doesn’t work.

  4. Unknown says:

    Tch! You moochers went off to an anime convention IN MY EX HOME TOWN without me. Moochers.

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