Alo alo alo, what ‘ave we ‘ere? A bunch of good fer nuthin’ lonely tramps lookin’ for a brothel or sumthin’ of the sort eh? Well piss orf. This ain’ no ordinary brothel! I mean blog. Aheh heh heh… Alo =)


Just thought I could do with another entry. Firstly, I now listen to music on the way home from school. Yes yes, I know, you can try to re-attach your jaws later. While this may not seem so collosal to you, it’s a first for me, and I enjoyed it immensely. It shaped my mood. I had tears in my eyes for one song, I was nodding my head slightly for another, I was smiling for no apparent reason at the other passengers that gave me the evil eye, but hey. I enjoyed listening to a diskman, stereotypical as it is.


Next, we have the Answer of the Year Award.


Class: Politics.

Teacher: Osnain.

Student: David Graham.

Subject: What responsibilities does the State Government have?

Question: "State!"



Answer: "Er… 18.5 per cent!"

Class: *blinks*

Class: *roflmao’s*

David: "What?"


Apparently Steve whispered the answer in his ear. David’s a fat, tall, blonde kid that enjoys being stupid and calling me names. Heh, man that was quality.


Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish!


I found a sheet of paper from about half a year ago that had all my goals, short term, medium term and long term written down. I was doing an exercise from "Let’s Get Motivated", as I mentioned in a previous entry. It’s interesting to note they haven’t changed at all. This is a more recent attempt to finish getting through LGM but it’s basically the same as the one from March.



Long Term Goals


I am a psychologist or counselor, who is very helpful to anyone who seeks his advice.

If that is not possible, I will be a policeman who can think on his feet and help people.

Because I care for people, and can make judgements on what people need, either of these jobs will suit my purpose well.

I am athletic, and enjoy testing my limits, so a police academy sounds like a place where I can hone my physical self.

I am intelligent, precocious and level-headed, so psychology is right down my alley. I will look into my options later in my high school years.

I hope Ivy and I will be married some time around here, and with our combined income, set up a casual life together, where existence is happy and cherished. Nothing else really matters, except finding the happiness in every situation in life. I will make an effort to treasure each day I spend with Ivy, and do something special for her.


In order to make these LTG’s efficient, I will have to change in the following ways:


Ah… None at the moment. It’s just a matter of my parent’s consent.


Medium Term Goals


I have finished high school and am looking at either policing or psychology in their respective areas.

I may have a part time job, working wherever I can to help pay the bills, probably still living in my parent’s house (God bless them).

I’ll look more into this later.


Short Term Goals


Study as much as needed per subject.

Spend 15 minutes every morning going through those autonomy exercise things.

I will arrive at class promptly, ready to learn.

I will always be positive at every opportunity to show the world I am a winner.

Get ready for action baby, yeah!


Basically, my goals were all revolving around keeping Ivy happy to my greatest ability, and seeking a career in psychology. It’s interesting to see how much a person can change in a year, and yet remain so similar.


More meaningless meaning!

Eureka! I’ve further developed my ideas. For some astranged reason, I seem to be overwhelmed by my thoughts of the world and how it works around this age. Hoorah. Anyway…
In a world so filled with sadness, grief and misery, our lives have the power to be a ray of goodness through the bleak night. We are called by the duty of our existence, an obligation to our species, to look after one another. Though many of us are selfish in our actions and choose to obey the more primal instinct of looking after one’s self, any who can comprehend the difference between good and bad can still be that beam of light and love to others.


I’ve got it! I know why I don’t want to be 15!
At 15, people think "That guy’s big enough to make his own decisions now." Bloody teenagers, always out drinking and violating private property.
At 14, you can still get away with "Ah come on, he’s just a kid. He learned his lesson."
You’re still innocent at 14. You can still get away with things, and people are still treating you like a young teenager, struggling to find his self identity in the midst of etc. etc. etc. When you’re 15, all of sudden, you’re not a young teenager, you’re a bloody teenager. A confounded adolescent. It saddens me to think I’ve taken on that much more responsibility, where I can’t get out of things by pulling puppy dog eyes at the security guards. It’s not my fault I just happened to find a talking stick that instructed me to beat people with it.
Which reminds me. I saw two foreigners [they were speaking Italian?]  without tickets on the Joondalup line. The line with upgraded, pretty trains because of the lack of graffiti and generally safer suburbs. Were they fined $50 each? Oh, nooooooo. No no no, they were told to pay $1.30 for the tickets because it made a difference, and they were politely asked to buy one next time they considered getting on the train. The hell with Kenwick, I’m moving to Edgewater.
On a different note, nah, I’m not really sulking about my birthday. I guess deep down, under all those frowns and curses I’m really laughing inside.
*crickets chirp*
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay deep down. Seriously though, I was cheered up a great deal when I received a phone call from the mighty Jecht Raiden at 9:08am. At 1:13, Mark Luca sent me an SMS (how did he get my number?) warning me not to eat too much cake. That lightened my day enormously. I got a $100 American bill, and the symbolic pieces of a puzzle that Ivy had made for me. The picture was, of course, of our time in Australia. I’m really taken aback in a good way. My baby loves me so much. *sigh* Happy Birthday Johnny m’lad.
And now to stay up until midnight celebrating with a hoola dance.


Oh, hello there. I just felt like a change was needed from the random, useless entries, and the ones that involved deep thought about the meaning of life/answering the unanswerable. This evening, for the first time in a long time, I am content with life.
I don’t actually have anything to say. Nothing more than ah… er.. nyes. Nyeeeeees!
I’ve also finished something of a novelisation of the movie "Moonlight", by Granfaloon. It’s a neat tribute, in my opinion, but then again I did write it. Yay!

Yeah it’s another life thang.

After thinking furthermore about the meaning of life, I have reached yet another conclusion. Rather, I have ideas that branch off and elaborate a little on the conclusions I have already drawn.
Our entire lives are all we know. They are all we will ever experience on Earth, and however insignificant we are to the rest of the universe, we are still people. We still know we exist, and so we exist as best as we can, seeking happiness and joy in life. It’s all we can do.
I would also like to apologise to Ivy for mentioning her so little in my entries, and for not telling her how much I love her. When I get to Singapore on the 19th, I will make sure she doesn’t forget what that means.