Another Installment

This morning, I heard Auntie Jo (Ivy’s Mum) talking to her little (11yo) brother, Jun. Hau, Ivy’s 23-year-old brother, was sitting at the table with them looking at Jun. Just from observing the scene I could tell there was tension and pressure.
Jun wanted to go to Evergreen, a not-so-decent secondary school. Her mother wanted him to study harder to get a better education. I could tell he wasn’t all that enthusiastic about studying. I reflected momentarily, thinking that it was probably better if Jun, even against his will, got a good education because he was too young to realise the importance of it. Then, I realised the same applied for me. Whether I want to or not, getting good grades in high school will probably be important for my future, and I should strive for a good future rather than a good present.
Meanwhile, I have an open question that I would like your opinion on. Everyone’s opinion. The question is:
Should I get an earring?
I think it would be cool. I wouldn’t do it for other’s to think I’m cool, I would do it because it would make me feel cool. I don’t know why it’s a good thing to feel cool, but I would like to. If not, well, I’ve lived 15 years without one (though I have considered it during those years) and can live life without it. Mum will probably say no anyway, but firstly, what are your opinions?

8 thoughts on “Another Installment

  1. Pat. says:

    Earrings are okay. Remember though, they are often a sign of rebellion, so I suggest you talk it over with others before you get one. Begin with a stud: they hurt less and are more inexpensive. And remember the golden rule: NEVER IN YOUR LEFT EAR. Hope that helps, opinion wise.Cheers out.

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Lol don’t listen to anything Patrick has to say. I say get one! Hahaha well you shouldn’t really listen to me either, but do what you want really. See ya later, byas! =)

  3. Jesslahhh says:

    Why never in your left ear by the way? Lol hmm..

  4. Ivy says:

    Because left earrings only indicate that one is gay. I will support you in whatever you decide honey. I always will.

  5. Ivy says:

    Good night, I suppose.I love you.

  6. goh says:

    You should get one, just to have a feel. If anyone views you as a rebel and you take those opinions to heart, you can always stop wearing an earring and let your earhole close up (: It’s better to try it out now before you get older, that is, when you start going to work, ‘cos grown-up guys with an earring do not really leave a good impression on others =/

  7. Beth says:

    I think its entirely up to you. If you want to do it go ahead but dont get pressured into it if you really dont want to. (I like earings though)

  8. Matthew says:

    If you do, make sure it looks piratey, rather than gay. Get the big tattooed fella in the piercing shop to give his opinion on the matter.Personally speaking, I wouldn’t bother; I simply don’t believe you have the facial structure or attitude that is required to make wearing an earring manly instead of homosexual.And we want you to look manly, for obvious reasons.

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