Because Ivy wanted me to.

1) Ppost 5 weird or random facts about yourself.

2) When you’re done, write 5 people’s name, people whom you want to do this quiz next, then leave them a note to tell them to see your blog.


1. If I could live any one life, I would probably move to India and spend my days holding dying people, letting them know they’re loved.

2. If I could live a second life, it would probably be spent training in the mountains with Jack to become physically perfect, then becoming the greatest assassin alive.

3. I cannot stand the sight of myself brushing my teeth.

4. I… won’t say that one. Um… I dislike cheese.

5. If I could, I would take a loaded shotgun (the answer to all of life’s problems) and shoot Wallace [& Grommit] in the face. Blow that cheesy grin right off his head. Ugh.


In no particular order,

1. Siobhan

2. Richard

3. Chazwozzer

4. Wildflame

5. Lee


5 thoughts on “Because Ivy wanted me to.

  1. Matthew says:

    Because John wanted me to.1. When you sleep, your body becomes disconnected from your conscious brain. If you half-wake, it’s possible that your body may not have connected yet. It’s a medical condition, known as "Sleep Paralysis". I have broken it. I can break it.2. I am a man with a female character on an online game. I make everyone refer to me using female pronouns, or flip out.3. I have tasted my own urine. It tasted gross. Sour, salty and somewhat bitter.4. Cartwheels own. I do the BEST and the FASTEST cartwheels for someone who’s never done gymnastics.5. I have french kissed my flute… I forget who was it who dared me to. Metallic-sweet.

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Reee how can you say you hate cheese and what about poor Wallace and Gromit?!?! =O

  3. Pat. says:

    Yeah, what did Wallace and Gromit evr do to you? Er..except for that time he tired to fight….no.Besides, there’s really not much more People have left to know about me. What with my personality anyway.Cheers out!

  4. John says:


  5. John says:

    He’s telling me, I’m writing. Anyway…1) He’s asian.2) He has good hygiene.3) He likes badminton and soccer.4) Likes to watch anime, and…5) Ashamed of being born.

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