I don’t know enough about Taoism to call myself one, but from my limited knowledge, I have surmised that it is possible for one to find complete and total harmony in one’s self. There is always negative qi hidden in your mind, and you can express it when you feel the need to, but there is positive qi there too. Like any situation can be seen in good or bad light, the two exist, but it depends on which one you want to see. At any rate, meditation has become increasingly difficult for me lately. It’s hard to focus and balance the two, seeing as whenever I meditate it is to calm my negative side.
Hm… I need to work on this.
As a side note, Singapore in a week! Heaven help me, God bless you all.

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Pat. says:

    What’s Taoism? And yes it is hard to meditate, especially when its during maths and I throw something at you to wake you up from Mr. Presser’s rambling on.Cheers out!

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Isn’t Taoism the natural way of life? I think it has something to do with the Yin and Yang figures. They are supposed to represent the differences and opposites in the world and when they are even, there is a balance and everything is good. Hmm..Taoism is a mainly known tradition in China and is about the balance of the universe. Like..There would be no day with out night, or love with out hate or any other opposites really. Well, I knew heaps more stuff about this before because I learnt about it somewhere, but I can’t remember much now. Anyways, apparently there’s about 20 million people that actually follow Taoism, which is quite a lot, but most of them are in China and Taiwan and Asian countries, but there are many followers in Australia as well. Anywaaaaaay..Buh byes. =)

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