Alo alo alo, what ‘ave we ‘ere? A bunch of good fer nuthin’ lonely tramps lookin’ for a brothel or sumthin’ of the sort eh? Well piss orf. This ain’ no ordinary brothel! I mean blog. Aheh heh heh… Alo =)


Just thought I could do with another entry. Firstly, I now listen to music on the way home from school. Yes yes, I know, you can try to re-attach your jaws later. While this may not seem so collosal to you, it’s a first for me, and I enjoyed it immensely. It shaped my mood. I had tears in my eyes for one song, I was nodding my head slightly for another, I was smiling for no apparent reason at the other passengers that gave me the evil eye, but hey. I enjoyed listening to a diskman, stereotypical as it is.


Next, we have the Answer of the Year Award.


Class: Politics.

Teacher: Osnain.

Student: David Graham.

Subject: What responsibilities does the State Government have?

Question: "State!"



Answer: "Er… 18.5 per cent!"

Class: *blinks*

Class: *roflmao’s*

David: "What?"


Apparently Steve whispered the answer in his ear. David’s a fat, tall, blonde kid that enjoys being stupid and calling me names. Heh, man that was quality.


Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish!


One thought on “=)

  1. Pat. says:

    Stupid David…what a waste of godforsaken space he is.What songs do you listen to, perchance?"Allo allo allo! What’s all this then?" said the stereotypical police copper who stepped somewhere out of the 1940’s, wearing a tall police hat, twirling batton on one hand, a muffin in the other. I always enjoy saying that.Cheers out!

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