Life again, again, again. Yes, again.

EDIT: Firstly, to Pete. I apologise. There was just that one single grey strand of hair peaking out from the hundred thousand others, daring me to take it. I couldn’t help myself, it was just too irresistable. Though it’s entirely my fault, I still think you could have avoided swearing loudly at me and drawing attention. Mr Presser was in a grumpy mood that arvo, I hadn’t wanted to piss him off further and avoided asking questions. Noticed? Probably not. Nobody notices what I do (keeping quiet) until I don’t do it. Nonetheless, I apologise to Pete, Mr Presser, and anyone else whom this entry offends.
After consulting the most intelligent person I know (no offence to everyone else, but in comparison, most of y’all stupid dumbasses =P), I have reached another conclusion.
After a lonely and determinetal day at school, thinking restlessly to myself, I have realised that we’re all incredibly insignificant to the universe. That doesn’t go to say we’re not important to ourselves. Life is the one shot at happiness we get, and so there’s no point in moping around and complaining about how we’re all going to die, because we’re all going to die and complaining will have been a very unproductive way of spending your time. Nonetheless, those of us who feel like they don’t care about what little time they have to be happy, well, good for them (not literally, fool!). It’s their life, so long as they don’t take other people’s happiness away. If they do, well, that’s the sad, but there’s always a balance. Happy, sad. One cannot exist without the other.
At any rate, consulting Mr Mueller (who gave a one period [hour] lecture without saying "Um" once, digressing but still covering everything we needed and more with concise and impeccable delivery) has lead me to think that the meaning of life is to live. While this is an unsatisfactory answer for most people, there’s no singular answer. There’s no checklist in life. It’s like a journey- more important is the journey itself than the destination. Another example is what is the goal of friendship? There is none, really. Life is life. Make what you will of it, find meaning for yourself. You experiences will shape your answer, so you alone must realise it.

2 thoughts on “Life again, again, again. Yes, again.

  1. Ivy says:

    You got it! I love you. <3Oh, and reproduction. =))

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Reee guess what! Hahahaha you’re older than Lex! Atleast, you can remind him that you will be 15 before him! Hehe, how great! Anyways, Jesse is leaving to America soon..Not that any of us really care because she’s deffinitely not the nicest person in the world, but just thought I’d remind you. Reee cya later! d:o) lol

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