Life, again.. again.

In all fairness, this is just a general question. I’m not being spiteful, I’m not being happy-go-lucky, perhaps a touch apathetic, but nothing more. My question is this.


Why is it important to live? More specifically, why is one individual life supposedly important when there are more than 7 billion of us?


Honestly, if you were to die right now, the world would keep spinning, and life would continue. Those who knew you would weep for you, and we would miss you, but life would go on. So really, why is it so important to make sure someone does not die? Why are people more worried about the death of a king who never did anything than the death of the 25 000 children alone that die of starvation? One every 3.47 seconds. One child every three and a half seconds, and nobody cares. Whereas $1 is $20 in another country, and in that other country it only costs $1 to save a child’s life, most of us do nothing. I do nothing. I can’t spare 5 cents to save a child.


Honest to God, what’s stopping me from selling everything and giving it to the people who really need it? I don’t need anything in my life, because compared to the rest of the world, I will not make all that much of a dent. If I was the next Hitler, sure, I’d get some attention, but really? Life isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t mind death, because nobody else would mind all that much. So long as someone remembered my  name, I would be happy that I’ve made something of an imprint of myself on the Earth. But really? It wouldn’t matter.


I guess in a way, life has no meaning. You live, you die, someone else lives and remembers you, and they die. We live to die, and though our population is forever growing, there will come a time when none of us will live. The sun will explode at the very least, swallowing us in a black hole with massive catastrophic destruction that will eliminate every trace of our existence or something along the lines several million years from now. I don’t think humanity is willing to wait that long to meet their own destruction- they’ve certainly hurried the process a long a bit by trashing the environment and letting poverty flourish. Nevermind. Everyone will die sooner or later, in theory, and nothing will matter. Macbeth said it well.


"Out, out brief candle! Life is but a walking shadow, a lowly player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." Something along the lines of that. It ends with "signifying nothing." Really, it’s rather strange we’re all caught up with unfinished homework or not having enough money to go on holiday once a year. If life really does have any meaning, you may as well make it yourself by ensuring everyone has a good time. Be kind.


Captain, if you’re out there, you told me you knew the meaning of life. I could use a little help here.


7 thoughts on “Life, again.. again.

  1. Pat. says:

    I guess it all boils down to your will. There is a reason all people on Earth are here. While sure, everyone needs to reproduce and function, us humans have something more. We are put here to change the world. Now, while that is a bad thing under context, there is, and always will be people who do good in this world. Everyone has a chance in the world to change it for all the right reasons, but alas greed and perception get in the way. "All you must do is use the time that is given to you". You see, God loves us so much that he gives life to us. He gives us free will, to accept right or wrong decisions. He gave us Earth so we could all grow as a community. If we follow his will, heavens awaits, if not, then well, you know. Our world now is not important. It is merely the stepping stone in the pond that leads us to one hell of a mountain on the other side. Maybe this world is bad, but it will be an insignificant spectrum of time for the eternity of joy that awaits us at the pearly gates. Therefore, I guess you could say the meaning of life is "A preparation for what is to become of us after we leave this world", "a test to see whether we will join lucifer and those who turned away, or be with our Lord who we owe so much to for giving us our existance".Oh, and Shakespeare wrote the play, The Macbeth you refer to is just the character. =)Cheers out.

  2. Solomon says:

    That one individual life is so important. Perhaps not in the context of the universe, but who cares about the universe? It’s important to you.Don’t don’t don’t ever live to be remembered. Live to remember.That settles why you are alive. The human race, on the other hand, is taken in a different matter. We are the thieves of the universe, stealing scraps of life in a world which really doesn’t care if we live at all. Once again, we don’t care if no one else cares, as long we figured that living was important, we sure as heaven going to keep surviving. Living is the only thing we knew, thus the only thing we could strive for. Of course, once in a while someone learns that something is more important that survival, and who is to say that he is wrong?Heaven is merely the reception after the concert. It is very quiet. Not much to look forward to."Life is beautiful melody" I search for beauty, goodness and truth.P.S. Chaz man. Tell me what stillborns mean to God. Or babies that die in 3 days. Why give them the gift of life only to take them away so soon? Pls email me at

  3. John says:

    Chaz: Well aware of that. I wrote "Macbeth said" on purpose.Solomon: Live to remember… Mm, good advice. Sad when there’s a lack of memories to stay in my leaking bank that serves as my memory. Just all slips away after a few moments. Just all slips away after a few moments. Just all slips away after a few moments. Hey… I’m getting the strangest feeling of de javu.

  4. John says:

    Actually, to add on to that last comment, no, it’s not important someone remembers your name. It will be forgotten as the generations pass anyway. Time is so very good at destroying things, and their memories. It matters not. Not really.

  5. Solomon says:

    Just checking something out. Is it at all possible to impersonate people in your comments? Just a scary thought.

  6. Ivy says:

    I’m very de stupid at the moment and will comment when I feel cleverer.Yay! Who cares about the universe? Why should we?After we die, no one in the universe is going to care about us."So-and-so’s dead. Ooooo. When is the next movie coming out?"Whee!

  7. Matthew says:

    You know who it is. I never said I knew what the meaning of life is, I said that I was working on it. Still haven’t found it, but yes, as said in your later entries, we believe in the common sense that worrying about it too much is a waste of the time that we know we have, and won’t really impact on the time we don’t know we have, so enjoy!Mr Mueller, heh – I said HE knew the meaning of life (not me), and just because he said I was being facetious doesn’t mean he doesn’t know! He’s closer than most of us, that’s for sure.Rawr!Guardian and portable library,Captain *********.(Name censored)

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