Pain isn’t pointless. It’s an escape.

That’s what we need in this world. Trap doors and windows everywhere. When life bears too hard, rather than reaching for the knife, or smoking or drinking just to feel better about life, it would be easier to climb out a nearby window or walk out a nearby door that you can open any time you like.

Art is a good example. Expression. Not only visual, but literature, dance, music.

Trap doors could save a lot of lives. If anyone who reads this could offer me any further ideas of escapes, please, do. Just some thoughts that have been circulating my near empty head. If it weren’t for that big ol’ squishy thing in there, I’d be able to hear the echos of my thoughts far more clearly…

2 thoughts on “Escaping

  1. Pat. says:

    Escape tunnels, slides, parachutes (should you be on an aeroplane), eject seats, jet packs, inflatable rafts, reversable walls, grappling hooks, a rope, suction cups, chutes, pipes, teleporters, fireman poles, anit-carosel reversal spray, and of cousre, a normal door would be good too.Cheers out.

  2. Pete says:

    You’re brain is the source of thought therefore if you didnt have one, technically, you’d be as thoughtful as a shroom.

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