63 – the Number of Doom!

0.63 of a mark.


I lost by 0.63 of a mark.


Ben Caddy, aforementioned many thousands of entries ago, beat me to the music award. By 0.63 of a mark.


“Oh no,” says Lord Jackemus. “Did he…”

“He did.”


And life was… cruel and vicious. Before I could control myself I slammed my fist in the open manuscript, rising halfway to my feet before sobbing back on the desk hopelessly. All credit to Ms Bott, she did try to give both our names for the award, but alas I was foiled once more. They only accepted one award per class, and.. I didn’t make the cut.


Well of course, I considered my alternatives. One involved a shotgun, the other a thief for hire, but I settled for the more rational ideas of just tying him up in a closet somewhere until after awards night. No one would miss him, so obviously this was foolproof. Unfortunately, I did not know any cupboards that could remain undiscovered for… er… 6 days. *sigh*


Lunchbell. Time to face my destiny.


3 thoughts on “63 – the Number of Doom!

  1. Pat. says:

    Whoah! What a bummer. An absolute bummer, I must say.So you didn’t get an award? Bah, who cares! I’m really lucky that I even got any myself. Besides, winning isn;t really everything (hell, I haven’t really done anything of recognition this year, but it’s been the best high school year of my life, for so many other reasons). Though I must say, if Ben Caddy beats me to the Re award, I will also consider your alternatives (I’d actually raise the bar and phone North Korea, but *sigh* alas, I think I would go along with everyone else too. Ah wellCheers out!

  2. Jesslahhh says:

    Ben Caddy of all people!!! Reee you should’ve won! Lol mainly just because I don’t like Ben, but yeash, who cares why I think you should’ve won..Anyhoos, It’s the weekend finally, YAY! :) Hehe cya later!~ Princess Jezzabell..

  3. Matthew says:

    0.63 of a mark, eh?Cut. But don’t fear, I’ve had it happen to me about five times in my high school experience, so you’re definitely not alone.And for cupboards that remain undiscovered, just jump him after the practice in the morning on Wednesday, then shove him into a rehab centre, and say he’s on drugs. His frantic attempts to escape will be misconstrued as drug-induced psychosis, and you can claim the award because "although he beat me by 0.63 of a mark, my attendance at this COMPULSORY Speech Night obviously proves I’m a superior student". Or something, I don’t care, but think on it. :PAnd yes, my ability to turn little ideas into plans is the reason that this year, with ANY luck, I should claim the Physics award, or manage to cause considerable collateral damage in the claiming of it by illegitimate means.Bai!Matt.

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