Screw the World Party- free jackets!

We had to come up with a party in Politics today. Mine was "One for All", based on multiculturalism, and the three musketeers. Then, in about 30 seconds, I changed it for the fun of being absolutely peculiar. I got many "John, you’re tapped in the head" comments, but I laughed so it was worth it.
Screw the World Party
Our beliefs:
The world is a cruel and vicious place.
Our policies:
Everyone must sacrifice themselves to my glorious empire.
Our motto:
The surprising thing is, I wasn’t the least voted for party. Jacob Brennan, voting for making cricket a compulsary viewing activity, got only one vote- himself. I corrupted Tim Calderra, and he joined me too.
If I ever get this party into politics, ohhhhh boy. I think a good quote to use here would be from Gambit: X-men the Next Dimension.
"Now the fun begins."
Weeeeeeeeee screw the world!

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